God said:

On Earth, when you feel a heavy load on your shoulders, it is hard to think
of anything else. Your shoulders are weary from carrying what you carry. You
feel all the aches and pains, and you see no end to them.

could say to you: “Put down the heavy load you carry.” And you don&;t
see how, for the load is on your shoulders. You may say: “Who is going to carry
it for me? My life is burdensome. My responsibilities. My life is a burden. I
see no way out.” And so you keep yourself on a dead-end street.

You are the who says there is no way out, and you stick to your story.
You hold on to what you see as a burden rather than your story. You may
want to prove yourself right, and so you keep on of the sack-cloth you wear.

You are right in this: No one is going to remove your difficulties from you.
No one has to. No one is supposed to. You are supposed to make the difference.

Whatever the difficulties you carry, no matter how heavy, how deep, there is
one common denominator, and you won’t like it.

I do not say the difficulties are not there. I say you are holding on to them
too tight. You may hold on to them for dear life, as though if you did not have
them, if you were not singled out for this suffering, you would be without
complaint and what would be the theme of your life then? You might be bereft
without your cross to bear. You have held it to you as your destiny for so long.
You keep lying under it to feel crushed by it.

Let’s understand from the beginning. I do not dismiss the difficulty of your
situation. I say you are holding on to it. No longer extol the exigencies of the
situation you find yourself in. Your troubles are not a blue ribbon or medal
that you wear. They will not go away with a snap of your finger. No one is going
to take them away from you. If they are your problems, they are your problems,
and they are yours to change your of. Change your , and you
will change the configuration of the difficulties.

Look not for fault in any other. Put the shoe on the other foot.

Whatever your situation is, the common denominator is the same. You see it
one way, and you are unable to see it another way.

It is likely that you blame. You blame others. You blame fate. You blame Me.
When you blame, you are feeling hostile, and you blame your hostility on the
circumstances. That keeps you right where you started. Blame gets you nowhere.
You go around in circles. When you go around in circles, you don’t see clearly.
No matter how justified, your anger belongs to you. And anger is short-sighted.
Of course, it is. See further. See around the corner. See change.

When a problem seems insurmountable, you see no options but for someone or
something to rescue you. Or for you to leave. Or for someone else to leave. Or,
or, or. You leave out many other possibilities. Of course, you do, or you would
have changed your situation internally long ago.

I do not say that to leave or to stay is right or wrong. I say that I do not
want you or any other to suffer. And yet, often, your compassion is for
yourself, and you have none for what you may see as the scourge of your

Find compassion for the other. Be merciful.