God said:

Come, lift up your eyes to Mine. Be My equal. Be what you already are. You
are not to hide behind closed doors. Your is not to hide. A hiding
is a weak heart. Be strong-hearted and come out of the cupboard. Your heart is
to be seen and felt and known. Your heart is the rallying heart of the world.
Make your heart be the sounding call of the world. Let your heart be the
of love in the world that you live in.
I am not telling you what you can be.
I am telling you what you are. Be that which you are. To thine own self, be
true. Enough tiptoeing. Now is time for giant steps. Now is time for you to leap
forward and set the pace of the world. No more baby steps. Now you stride across
the Universe and make the Universe reveal itself in its true colors. Make the
world wonderful. Make it clear that the world is wonderful. The world has been
waiting for you to reveal itself in all its splendor. You do this by revealing
yourself in all your splendor. Enough of your peeves. Enough of your
dissatisfaction. Enough of your introspection and how you rank your evolution.
Enough about focus on yourself. To find yourself, you lose yourself.

You are a servant, as I am a servant. You are to serve. It is humbling to
serve, and yet it is high. In serving, you forget yourself. In service, you
become the world that looks for the comfort and ease of everyone on its soil,
and that is everyone on . Everyone has the right to be here on , and
everyone has the right, even the responsibility, to shine My light. Certainly,
as you shine My light on others in the world, you are lighted.

I am seeking to light your light now. Enough sitting in an easy chair. Let
your heart rise up and ease the people in the world. Give them a comfortable
place to sit.

I already gave you a beautiful world, and now I ask you to shine its windows
so that all can see what I see. If you want to see, clean the windows. You
cannot clean windows just for yourself. You have no ownership of clean windows
or the sunlight, and now you are a distributor of light to the world. First to
your of the world, and from your of the world, the light
circulates itself further and further. where you are. .

If you live in a darkened room, open up the drapes. Let the sunshine in.
Consciously send light everywhere. Open up the windows, and let the fresh air
fill the interstices of the world.

When you love yourself, you can do nothing but give your love away. You come
to grips with the fact that the only thing you have is love, and that love is
all that you have to give. Love is indeed all. Even a snippet of love is love.
If you have to get your feet wet, get them wet with a snippet of all the love I
have bequeathed to you. Toss out your love the way you would toss stars to the
world. You would toss them across the firmament. You would kiss each star and
throw it as far across the world as you could. You would develop the muscles of
your arm, and you would toss stars farther and farther, further and further,
farther than the eye can see. You don’t have to see. You have to toss.