God said:

Rather than ask questions, give . Is it so hard to give ? Must an
inquisition come first?

Somewhere along the line, you learned that pride comes before all else, that
, disguised as pride, is foremost, that dignity counts more than love. You
too often let your mind decide love for you. Your mind judges if you are giving
love in the right place, and how much love you should give given the mind’s
counting factors. And, so, you are mindful of yourself and what you have to gain
when, all the while, love is the ’s domain, when giving is the ’s
domain. According to your heart’s giving is your heart’s wealth. Only a heart
giving of itself has room to receive. Only a loving heart is wealthy.

A heart of love is not a stinting heart. A heart of love does not count
pennies. A heart of love cannot be a miser and be a heart of love at the same

You are concerned about ego, or you are giving love. Which is it?

Ego pats your back. Love strengthens from inside.

You know that I am a big proponent of love. I sing its praises to the High
Heavens. I extol love. I proclaim it.

Is more love in the world needed? Then you must promote love. I am not
talking about love in neon lights. I am talking of simple acts. I am not talking
of long romance or special personal relationships. I am talking of giving love
wherever you are. It is a courtesy to give love.

If you see an unruly in a store, here is an opportunity for you to
smile at the child. If you see a cross mother who has lost patience, do not
frown at her. Of course, she should be kind and loving and not cross. So then be
you kind and loving, even if it is without a word. Do not condemn even silently.
Do not condemn.

There is no one in this world who can’t use a little blessing from you.
Surprise someone. Surprise everyone. Surprise yourself.

Surely you have your own problems. What of that? That is not the point. The
point is that you are here on Earth to give love. You are not here to focus on
your problems. You are here to love. Loving doesn’t mean to condone. It means to
give a little sweetness to others along the way. You are not indentured to
someone because you give. You are free to give, that’s all. If you can help
someone carry a package up the steps, why wouldn’t you? You didn’t think of it?
Why didn’t you think of it?

You are a humble servant to all on Earth. That is not humiliating. When you
see a need, you fill it, and so you raise yourself higher and higher. He who
puts a pillow under someone’s head has heightened the world.

Have your eye out for opportunities to leave a trail of love like pebbles on
your path.

When you feel bereft, that is prime time for you to give a gift of yourself,
not in pride, but in humility, not in need but in the spirit of giving.

No longer overlook even one opportunity to give as you pass by another being.
Be like a soft summer breeze. As you open your heart, you open others’ hearts.
You open the heart of the world. You welcome life. You venture forth in life.
Grab hold of life. As you grab hold, you release your hold, and you give love,
and that is the of freedom.