God said:

There is no stretch in your being that which you already are. To shine fully
as you are requires only that you lift the of ignorance that have covered
up your natural beauty. It is you who covered up your beauty. Now it is you who
has to remove the splinter from your own eye. You have kept truth hidden from
view. It was not done to you. You perpetrated the fraud on yourself. Of course,
you did have a little help from the world at large and the patterns that the
world had set.

You bought into fiction, and you have kept up the illusion that the fiction
is true, and that truth is fiction. You hold onto this thought tightly. It is a
convincing thought. How could you, you mumble to yourself, possibly be
Greatness? You? You think you know yourself too well. You know every thought and
emotion. Nevertheless, you &;t begun to know yourself. Naturally, you have
to go beneath the . The is that you haven’t shaved today, or put
on make-up. You haven’t yet wiped the sleepy sand out of your eyes. Your vision
is blurred. That is the surface.

It’s not that you don’t have the eyes to see. You do have the eyes to see,
and yet you do not see. Perhaps you haven’t dared look. As much as you
disbelieve that you are wholly Greatness, you fear that if you dared to look,
your slightest hope would be dashed. Well, dears, make your hopes reality. Make
them come true. They are already true. Make your hopes stand up and declare
their truthfulness.

Too often, in the morning, when it is time to wake up, you don’t want to wake
up. You make a last effort to stay asleep or go back to sleep and keep your eyes
closed to the sunshine streaming in your window.

Tarry not. Wake up now. The rooster is crowing.


When it comes to Heavenletters, we can compare them to flowers. All flowers
are flowers. There are many varieties of flowers. They come from different
angles, as it were. They all pretty much have stems and leaves and blooms. There
are countless shades of color and variations. Countless varieties of flowers.
Some grow this way, and some grow that way, and, yet, a flower is a flower.

We can say that there are infinite flowers of Heavenletters. No two are
exactly alike. At the same time, each , as it blooms, repeats
itself. It shares the commonwealth of Heavenletters. It is as if the same photo
is taken from a different angle. Some Heavenletters get into more detail. Some
are more poetic. Some are more down-to-earth. Some are easier to follow than
others. Some are opaque. Some twist and turn on the page. Some stride across the
page. Some go fast, and some go slowly. Some take you by the collar and shake
you. Some take you lazily down a gentle stream. There are rollicking
Heavenletters and Heavenletters that stand still.

It could be possible to say that all Heavenletters are a variation of one
theme. It could be possible to say that all Heavenletters are about love and how
to love and how to move forward and how to love some more. And, yet, no
Heavenletter is a how-to. Heavenletters are not step-by-step manuals. They are
not manuals. They are not a series. Each Heavenletter stands on its own, and yet
each builds on another.

Each is a note of a song I sing to you or play for you on the flute of My