God said:

You may feel the of My in music, in words, in silence. The of
My heart is, of course, within your own heart. One might say that My heart is
the , and your heart the receiver, and yet We are more than that. You are
also the speaker, and I receive from you.

Blessed is the heart that receives My heartbeat. That means that every heart
is blessed. You may be unaware, yet there has never been a time when My heart
was not beating in yours. On one level, you are unaware. On another level, your
heart is overflowing with the and all the love I share with
you. Your heart beats because of My heart. Your heart and My heart pound love,
love, love. The difference between your heart and Mine is that Mine is
one-pointed on love, and your heart, well, your heart gets distracted on one
thing or another.

Come back to love. Bang the drums of love in your heart. Only then are you
happy. Off track you are not happy. When an event in life, a word, a look,
anything at all, distracts you from love, you are off-course, and cannot be
happy. Love is the of your heart as it is Mine. Play the of My heart
in yours. Hear this tune.

Consider that your heart is wrapped up in Mine. That is, My heart is wrapped
around yours. Your heart is wrapped in the arms of My love. What more needs to
be said? That you have wandered away? Well, yes, that can be said. You went to a
casino, and you got caught up in the slot machines of life. You started
listening to a different beat. You got caught up in the epitome of relative
life. Now you feel sad.

In Greek literature, there were sirens who tempted heroes to stop and stay
with them a while, and it was hard for the heroes to escape the spellbinding
sirens. Do you not know that you are the heroes the same who will return to your
home where your heart belongs? That you return is inevitable. You cannot be
stopped at the wayside forever.

And, so, I invite you to spend time with Me while you are on Earth. Do not
save Me for a rainy day, beloveds. Let Us hold hands now as you romp around the
games in life. Be the torch bearer of Heaven. What else do you really have to
do? What pulls you away?

You have a million excuses. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can
be the torch bearer of Heaven. Go public with your light. You will light up the
world. You will light up your life. Even while you are accomplishing the
humdrum, you can turn on My light, the better to see you with.

I am not the spider who invites you into My parlor. I am God, the Lover of
All, inviting you to sit with me a while, and let Us the treasures prove. Of
course, this is My invitation to you every day, every hour, every minute. Come
sit with Me a while, and look over all the treasures. I am your treasure chest.
There is no other. You keep looking everywhere, and yet I am right here,
beckoning you on.

I am the Real Thing. I pull you to My love which is yours, all yours. I pull
you to My heart, which is yours, all yours. I pull you to Truth, which is yours,
all yours. Come, sit with Me a while