God said:

Your is brewing a wonderful drink for the world. The water is not yet
at a boil. Close, though, very close. And then, almost without your volition,
you will add remarkable tea leaves and let them steep. These are tea leaves that
tell your fortune. These are tea leaves that ARE your fortune.

Your fortune is love, and love is beginning to bubble dramatically in your
heart. The tea of love. The herb tea of love. And it is always served warm.
There is no iced tea of love.

This tea is so fragrant that you almost don’t have to drink it. To sense it
is enough. Nevertheless, it does have to be brewed.

Perhaps it is I Who brews the tea, and you are the teapot. It could be like
that. I stand over the stove on which the water boils. Of course, all love is My
of tea.

Who cares whose love it is? In every case, pass it on. Serve this aromatic

The tea is brewed. It was brewed in the hearth of your heart. It goes up the
chimney. Love is happening. The steam of this tea does not evaporate. It fills
the Earth. It enters every living being. Every living being becomes a loving
being. No can withstand this ebullient cup or pot of tea. This is indeed sun
tea, beloveds.

It is made in the sunshine of love. The temperature keeps itself just right.
This tea is always ready to serve. It is passed from hand to hand. It is passed
from eye to eye. It is passed in silence.

Everyone may not know fully what they are serving. Nevertheless, they are

This is a flower of tea that brews in cup or pot or urn. This is a collective
tea. A candle of light comes with it. You are a manufacturer of tea. You are a
householder of tea. Come, have some tea now. Drink it now, and your love will be
heightened. It cannot help itself.

Everyone will breathe in the aroma. No one will escape. Babies, born of
, will absorb this Tea of . Babies, born of this tea, will never
tell themselves that Earth is separate from Heaven. Babies will suckle this
special tea from their mother’s breast.

This tea will be like coffee in that it wakes you up to love, and it keeps
you awake to love. This tea is going to be served everywhere with everything.
You will never be without it. There will be no place to go that does not have it
and serve it. It will be like incense that fills the room even when you don’t
see where the sweet aroma comes from. Your heart will be filled with it.

Post office, super market, gas stations will bestow stamps of love upon you.
Grocery stores will bestow the of love, gas stations the fuel of love. Love
will be served.

Admit. It is happening now. Why are you surprised? Love is now the medium of
exchange. When you pay a bill, you will pay with love, and the bill collector
will give you a receipt of love. There will be no other medium of exchange. Oh,
yes, money will pass from hand to hand, yet money will only be a token of the
love that is exchanged, passed from hand to hand, from heart to heart, from man
to man, from sun to earth, from star to star, from bubble to bubble, from flower
to leaf. This sun of love will never dry up. It is yours forever.