God said:

You have stolen My heart. That is, I am taken with you. From the first moment
of Eternity that you occurred to Me, you stole My heart and made it yours. Of
course, you cannot steal what is already rightfully yours. So I will say that
you got caught in My heart, occupied My heart, stirred it, filled it. You are
the love of My life. You have entered the interstices of My heart from the
beginning of non-time. You have fostered Me. There is no one-way. There is
reciprocity. There is love inescapable. There is love. There is Our love which
winds through days like morning glories. We are caught up in a tide of love, an
everlasting tide of love that sweeps across the Universe. Love has been made
manifest. You are the manifestation of My love.

Do you still feel that you have to chase it, chase love, as if you were
unloved, or not loved enough and have to find some on your own? Love will come
to you. It will come to you of its own accord. Love is a natural outgrowth – or
ingrowth – of . Earth without love does not exist. Love has many
ways of turning itself around in order to be noted. Yet love is not a prima
donna. Love flows in a stream of itself. It laps everywhere. You are a river of
love, or a necklace of love, a lei of love, an infinite chain of love, or
alighting butterflies of love. This is butterfly season.

Put away your nets. You don’t have to capture love. You have only to reveal
love to yourself. Love is the path of your heart. Love is like radar, and love
is like a country lane, and love is what We are, what I AM and what you ARE. It
is an inescapable path that We are on. There is no abandoning the path of love
that We are already on. Love is the only path that there is, and We are on it,
you and I, hand in hand, heart in heart, love meeting and melting, molten gold
of love. We are heartful of love, mindful of love, filled to the brim,
overflowing with love, saturated with love, opening with love. No need to forage
for love.

Love needs no ’s license. Love goes at the right speed. Love is
universal, and it is unique. Love is everything. It is the salt of life.
Everything is better with love, love at the of the table, love, the main

Love is like seedlings you have planted. The seeds sprout. They keep popping
up and reaching the sun.

Love is not around the corner. Of course, love is at every corner, and, yet,
there is no waiting for love. You are already on the bus of love. You are
already rounding the corner. There is no corner on love. All have it, no one
owns it. Love is not piecemeal. Love is wholemeal.

We can always factor in love. Love is the of the Universe. Love is the
light of God, no two ways about it. Love is your fulfillment. Love is your

The love to count on is the love in your heart, streaming through your
awareness. You love more than you know. You love Allness more than you know.
True, you are a spark of love, yet this spark of love that you are encompasses
the whole world and all of Heaven. You are love infinite. You are blazing love,
lighting up the stars. You are love.