God said:

The world is such an influence on you. Mind you, the world is not always
mistaken. Often it is. Too often it is. Much too often it is. Many of the
lessons the world teaches you are not in your best interest. What is not in the
individual’s best interest is not in the world’s best interest. The world just
hasn’t caught on to this. It is catching on now. You are catching on now.

Odds are you were taught or learned or picked up out of the world’s vapor
that you have to watch out for yourself. You have to protect yourself. You must
make sure you are not taken advantage of. Now you are learning that you have to
watch out for others, tend to others. Now you are learning that all rise
together or fall together. You are learning that there are no others. There are
seeming others. It is yourself that you see. Everyone you see is yourself, a
portion of yourself. And everyone you see is a portion of Me, as are you. You
begin to see that life in the world really comes down to .

The world did not teach you about Oneness. It showed you that life was
between “them and me.”

The world taught you that life was not fair. It did not teach you that love
in peace or war is fair.

The world taught you that you were denied. It did not tell you about infinite

Furthermore, the world did not teach you that you were okay, always were,
always are, always will be. It taught you that you were lacking and in great
need, perhaps abandoned in a worthless corner of the world. The world did not
exalt itself. How, then, could it exalt you?

The world sent you false pictures and claimed them to be true. The world
didn’t know better. It thought it was doing the right thing by teaching you fear
and suspicion and how to look out for yourself.

The world taught you to grab what you could and keep it for yourself. It
taught you that someday you might be hungry and need that morsel. The world
taught you selfishness. It did not teach you generosity.

And you may have been no better to the world. You put it down. You diminished
it. Now you shrug your shoulders and give up on the world. Beloveds, you kicked
the world, innocently believing that that was what had to be done. You may have
tried to fix the wounds of the world one at a time.

The world did not give you true allegiance, yet now it is for you to nourish
the world with the truth of what it can be. It can be a friendly place for all.
And you will do this without recrimination. You will do this by loving the world
and yourself in it. You will do this.

You will not do this by hopping around on one foot. You will do this by
leaping into the world with both feet while you recognize that you are in
Heaven. You can have both. Earth and Heaven can be One. That’s how Earth was
meant to be, .

Now lift up Earth to Heaven. Give it as offering to Me. Say, “Here, God, is
the world as You made it, a playground of love. Here is Earth the way You gave
it to me. Now I give You the world to be proud of. Now I give you myself to be
proud of. I give you an oasis. I give you the Garden of Eden as You made it be.
I give You my heart, and I give You the Heart of the World. I give You and the
world on the altar of my love. I now know the world as You made it, and I thank
You. I give to You the gift of the world.”