God said:

The world has taught you safety above all. Where did the idea of safety come
from? It came from the idea of fear. Dismiss fear, and you won’t be craving
safety. You will be craving to live life to its fullest.

I do not tell you to be foolhardy. I do not tell you to be without common
sense, but, ah, My , what you see as common sense and what I see as
common sense may be two different denominators.

I say to live to the hilt. I say to taste experience in life and move on.
There is always more adventure ahead. What happened yesterday happened
yesterday. There is more to savor .

Get out of the fear mode. Get out of what if when what if
is fearful. Get into the what if when what if is

Life is meant to be exhilarating. Let life be , not fearsome.

It is not necessary to attain life as others may. Attain life according to
you. If you don’t want to climb mountains, you don’t have to climb mountains. If
someone likes to explore caves, that doesn’t mean you have to explore caves.
Find that which you like to do. I also might add, how do you know you don’t like
climbing a mountain until you’re tried it once? On the other hand, you don’t
have to try anything. You don’t need to go bungee-jumping to prove that you can.
Maybe you don’t need to try it. Maybe it’s not for you. Maybe another kind of
adventure is for you. Maybe reading a book is for you. Or planting a garden. Or
whistling while you work.

You are not counting adventures in life. There is no check-list, you

When there is not fear, there is not bravery. There is simply life.

Living life for you may be speaking to someone first, may be learning to
dance, to sing, to play the piano. Your life is for you to choose and not to
prove anything. You don’t have to prove courage. You don’t have to be afraid not
to do something that everyone is doing. You have your own life, and it is for
you to discover what is your intrinsic joy. You are seeking joy, beloveds, not

In your of joy, you emit joy. It is that simple. As much as possible,
do that which gives you joy. And that which you must do and may not want to do,
make that joy- as well. There is a lot to be said for an idea in your
, the angle you come from, what you tell yourself. yourself some good
news, new advice, new awareness of the joy that even sweeping a floor can give.
Do you get My ?

When you come to feel that life is the same old thing, turn on a new
station with new songs you never heard before.

It is your mind that makes you tired. It is your mind that gives you fear.
The mind can do anything it wants unless you pull on its reins or give your mind
a go-ahead. Choose the direction your mind is to go in. You are powerfully
affected by random thoughts of your mind.

Read a new book. Or cut out the pages of the old one when they hold you back.

Blank pages are good. Fill them in.

Ultimately, you are writing the journal of your life. It is what you say it
is. Have good things to say about it. Even be glad for disappointment, for
disappointment pushes you along. Above all, be glad for the grace in your life.
Be glad for every morsel. Be glad.