Gloria’s to continue channeling is amazing…

God said:

Whether in illness or in health, you and I are One. Through anything, no
matter anything, regardless of anything, you and I walk through green pastures
together as One. Instead of focusing on your hurt toe or wounded , focus on
the Oneness of Us. that which is not true. Our connection is true.
Illness and all the other distractions from Truth are not true. I wish to teach
you to heal thyself from the preponderance of world life that keeps you in its

Get your mind off whatever undermines your heart. Get your mind and heart on
Our Oneness, for, hand in hand, the Oneness that I AM and the Oneness that you
ARE carry Us through the Universe. You are not handicapped. You do not have a
handicap. Grant yourself the ability to accept boons. Boons are yours to accept.
Taste them. Dismiss stumbling blocks. Step over them. Smooth path or rough
terrain, We hold hands, and We fly high. Our One Heart is on hand, not as a
cane, but as the freedom to harken to life and soar above the seeming clouds.
is to get in the way of the sunshine of Our love.

Above anything else, remember Me. Keep your attention on Me, on Us. Remove
your holy attention away from what which may disturb your flight to the center
of the sun. Remove the weights that detain your ease of flight. You are a person
of light, and don&;t forget it. You are light-winged, and you have a beautiful
to sing and to be heard, a beautiful to echo from the mountain top of
your heart.

Your life is not lamentable. There is nothing to lament. I am with you, and
you are with Me, and together We traverse the sunshine. We fly on the rays of
the sun. We are fleet of foot, for We don’t have to rely on anything in order to
encompass the loveliness of life. Certainly, you can fly without wings.
Certainly you are flying now from the mundane to bright light.

What is there to be needed? What can be needed when everything is already
Ours? You may say that you need money or love when, all the while, you have the
treasure of the light of My heart thoroughly established in yours, and yours in
Mine. Bright light overtakes beyond the speed of night. Come to your senses,
beloveds, and declare yourself free from all you imagine that keeps you prisoner
of your own thoughts. Your sentence was commuted long ago. Your term of penance
was not assigned to you. You thought it was. Right now you are free. Right now
you ride on the stars like a seahorse and you make sunshine of the stars all.

You are on your path. You are traversing . Let your mind catch up. Your
mind got caught in the past and kept mumbling over and over again a chant of
sorrow that you were never meant to chant. A change in tune is long overdue.
Slip into the grace of where you are and what you are. You are love on a roll,
and you are the director of the Universe. No longer are you haphazard. Now you
make the music that the world is asking for, that you have been asking for, and
is yours to sing. It is My song you are to sing. Hum it now, and then swell with
the joy of it. Be a of note, and everyone will listen to the same song
that vibrates within everyone. Sing that song now. Sing a beautiful note. Sing
for Me. Sing for you. Sing for all. Sing.