I just wanted to send another love note to you with some more tips for generating and creating a fabulous reality.  There’s several ways to use repetitive talk in our world.  Mantras are one way as in AQUAMANTRA water, like I AM LUCKY.  Did you know though, that you can also say I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LUCKY?  Pick up your bottle of AQUAMANTRA and look to the right of your bottle. On the bottom corner it says just that. We tell the water it has always been lucky, sort of an infinity of the reality you want.  Some people say "I want to be lucky" but that is really outside of themselves right? It’s like reaching into the future, which is really a trap because the future doesn’t exist and you’ll never reach it. You’re always in the present.  This is why we promote using the I AM LUCKY.  Even though the past has already come and gone, you can trick your mind into what the past could have been too.  

I meet people all the time that say things like "I am never lucky" and I’ll say "that might be true for you in the past but what if you changed that to, "I have always been lucky?" – can you feel the in that statement alone? It is more supportive of you and being lucky or loved or even grateful.  Either way when you declare the statement you want to OWN it!  Tell yourself, the cells in your body and the molecules in your current being-ness "I AM LUCKY", and with that conviction your reality will begin to shift.

Try it! For one week, pick a mantra and say it. Tell people you are lucky, tell people you’ve always been lucky and act the part.  I once heard a story of a guy who did this in an experiment.  He sat down with 5 different friends in a coffee house and asked them how their day was. 4 out of the 5 people talked about all the BAD things that were going on in their life and he commented that it was sad to watch them continue to generate more of what they were talking about.  We tend to go to what is not right about our lives… BE PRESENT when someone asks how you are, take a moment to talk about what you are going to create in your life… for example, "How are things?"  Things are going great! I’m planning a cruise to the Bahamas with my husband for a vacation.  Immediately, someone might react by saying "how great is that – I know someone who can help you make a really good reservation."  As opposed to "my job sucks and I have no money" then what does the other person want to say?  "Oh well, listen to my problems." The Cycle can be toxic!  

The key to all this creating is moving toward experiences that are lighter, not heavier… Our phenomenal lives are light and open, not heavy and painful… switch it around and start focusing on what brings you joy!   I hope this message helps you and brings you closer to all of your dreams and desires.  I write a at where you can always tap into little ways to generate your phenomenal life!

Peace and Blessings,

Alexandra Teklak

Creator of AQUAMANTRA | Premium Natural Spring Water