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What a year! People have been asked to fill up bigger shoes since the
beginning of this year. Depending on your sensitivity to the
vibrational frequencies this upgrading of you and me begun on January
or latest this summer. We can all probably recall the intense New Moons
and Full Moons of this extraordinarily warm summer?
Actions have been taken to bring forth spiritual beliefs into this daily
reality. We have been tested bi-monthly on our ability to hold onto
these new frequencies, new ideas and ideals. and
working together to complex the matter on the physical level.
Where we have had the Moon mirroring the light of the Sun emotions have
run wild, crazy and strong – and we have been left to stand in the
middle and hold on to what we have learned, these days have had a
definate sense of finality, things have ended emotional, physical and
And on those days when the Moon have been staying in the shadow of the
Earth we have been called to action, to stand for what is right, to not
take a beating but defend ourselves emotionally, spiritually and
physically. If you can take a look back at this year, track dates of big
emotional or physical events and see if it’s been or Full

It has become more and more evident that we need science – we grave
for explanations and root causes to fill up what we know with
Do not stress, you are not loosing connection with your spirituality and
you are not "changing your mind" about spirituality. It is the moving
into Aquarian from Pieces. Aquarian Age astrologically tries and will
bring together Spirituality and Science – you have probably already felt
the tingling at the back of your mind. We want answers – we want to
know what is next, what are we evolving to, and the mainstream is asking
this as well. As negative as the popular mainstream 2012 image is it
has sparked interest on humanity’s survival, hence sparked interested on
what is next, how will we evolve?
In spiritual circles you cannot cross the 2012 road without a feeling
with intuition that our Consciousness will evolve. It has to.
Right now we are feeling the pressure, the pressure cooker is building
up to the release. Do not wait for the bang, things will not explore,
there are built in safety mechanisms. But pressure will be released,
like a massive exhale people will get it. This is what is being awaited
for 2012 in spiritual circles.

As we get closer to the end of 2010 we start seeing the change that has to occur for us to be able to move into 2011.
Secrets come out as a test on how do we handle them, do we operate
through our newly found ideals, and ideas, do we look at things through
our hearts? If you do not pass the tests now do not worry, 2011 will
give you plenty opportunities as it continues to cleanse our vibrational
frequencies for the 2012 milestone.
We are now days from 2011 and at the point of hibernation and peace,
well that is if you can let go of the manufactured Christmas Stress and
feel the white energies under the red and green haze.
If you continue, try to continue the same way you have before this month
won’t serve its purpose of Peace and Hibernation – this is your day
off before the energies of 2011 take you up on your deal to evolve –
enjoy it! Don’t create stress where there is none.
Now even though it is your day off doesn’t mean there is nothing to do!
Like humans plan fun activities on their vacations so do the Highest
Selves – you didn’t think you were going to get off with laying on the
sofa on vegetable state reading or, jeepers, watching the TV? Oh no,

promises to be big if you tap into those energies
available! 21st is Winter Solstice, Yule, day of importance as old as
time itself, a day so important that it has been celebrated in ancient
monuments, such as .
On 21st the day is shortest, least amount of sunlight reaches the land. This year we also get to experience  Total Lunar Eclipse
( also Full Moon ) on 21st – if there ever was a day where we get
bathed into peaceful night and soothing darkness to reload for the
coming day this is it.
Why is this period of darkness important, or good for that matter?
Aren’t we supposed to be afraid of the dark and what sneaks around in
In the darkness, it is true, you can see all kind of monsters of your
own creation in the illusion of harm, fear and lack. But like stated
before if you wish to see monsters, surely you will, since you are the
one who creates them. If you are one these people who have shadow work
to do then yes, this solstice gives you a whammy of an experience to get
rid of your shadows. Don’t just see if something happens on 21st take
the first step, declare you are aware of your shadows, your negative
affirmations, and that you are ready to let go of these shadows. This
day will give you what you need to, to let go, to be free.
Now if you can see the darkness in different light where there are no
shadows and creepy crawlies in the corners of your consciousness give a
thought to this… What do you do at night? You sleep and in your sleep
you dream. In this Dreamtime is when you receive your vibrational
Upgrades, your consciousness is updated nightly, most of the time you
are not aware of this, but to know what happens at night all you have to
do is interpret your dreams. Interpreting your dreams on those high
days will help you become aware of what your current upgrade is
and where to target that energy. Have a look at this if you need an example.
This will be highly energetic Winter Solstice, literally about as dark
as it gets people – take advantage of this and connect with your higher
consciousness, built a bridge between your daily consciousness and your
higher consciousness that works at Dreamtime, at night, in the Peace
that is found in the darkness where your senses aren’t there to distract
you from what is taking place.

It is no coincident that this happens right before 2011 – there are
shadows to let go before we move on, there are bridges to be built
before we can evolve.
Look back at 2010, can you tell how you evolved this year? Now is the
time to reflect so that when 2011 begins you go in aware of yourself and
lessons learned and make the most of it!

Love, Light and Joy!
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