Beloved Lightworkers,

The great cleansing continues and each of you is making great gains
and headway even though you may not be seeing this manifest in your
daily life as yet. Be assured that this is taking place and your
ascension process continues unabated. The being beamed
to the Earth and everything and everyone upon Her continues relentlessly
and all is being cleansed, healed and recalibrated to Wholeness and the
perfection of their original blueprint. This will continue, Beloved
Ones, and believe it or not, it will become easier for you, simply
because you have persisted in your disciplines and determination to be
the highest and best that you can be.

Your brothers and sisters around you will find it somewhat more
difficult as they Awaken further but the and purification
that you have cut, that you have blazed goes before them and makes
easier their way than it might have been. Truly you are mighty warriors
of Light and you are the mighty forces of the greatest power in the
Universe and that power is Love. As the holiday season comes forth, take
this time to just BE and enjoy the energies and the peace and goodwill
that abounds during this time of the year. It is a time of the joyful
celebration of the greater Light coming more fully back onto the Earth
and into the hearts of all of Humanity.

Trust the guidance and the intuitive impulses that come to you. Know
that you are each Divinely guided to walk your Path in the highest
integrity and moral standard that will become the moral signpost in the
days to come, for no matter how much you have been tested, your deep and
abiding love for the Creator and the for the Earth has
always been your driving force and motivation. You will soon feel a
lightness of Being and the feelings of joy will be your daily companion
as you walk your into the adventure of a thousand
lifetimes! is watching with wonder and awe at the glory
that is now unfolding, and will continue unfolding in the months ahead.

Hold your heads high, , you have stood your ground in
your Light and highest integrity. You have loved all the dysfunctions
that you found within yourselves back into the wholeness of the unified
field of your Higher Being. Your Lights are shining brighter and
brighter and you are all easily discerned and seen by we of the Higher
realms and we add to that Light continuously, for as you grow in your
Light and Love quotient, so too, does the influence of this spread
outward in all directions to affect all within your sphere of influence.
This sphere of influence that you wield is covering a larger territory
now and it behooves each of you to visualize yourselves radiating your
Light forth in a concentric circle from your home in a thousand mile
radius around it. Take this to heart and consciousness, Dear Ones. You
are powerful beyond your knowing at the present time.

Continue to walk in your Light each day, speak your truth in your
quiet and loving way. The more truth that comes forth from within every
heart and soul upon the Planet, the greater Light can come in. There are
mighty events taking place in these times and gathering together in
Unity and purpose will accomplish ever greater miracles. We are with you

Until next week……

I AM Hilarion


Permission is given to share this message as long as the message is
posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any
way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is inclu