Hi Friends,
                  This year may not have fulfilled its
promise, but that is all the more to look forward to in 2011. It will
undoubtedly be a year of many surprises, and we shall finally see the fruits of
all the effort put in to bring Light to the Earth. It will be most illuminating
as the truth surfaces in respect of the dark Ones, and their plans are revealed
for all to contemplate. Better still we should learn of the plans of those that
have come to free us from enforced imprisonment.   
                  Thank you for your support and long may
it continue. We do not have far to go now to establish that elusive peace that
is ours by rights. Keep spreading the Light more than ever before, and we shall
defeat those who have set themselves up as our Controllers.
            Whatever way is of your choosing, enjoy this
happy break, and spread happiness where ever you go.
In Love and Light .
Please note that after my next message this Wednesday 22nd December, my
next one will be on the following Wednesday 29th. December.