Message From , December 2010

Through Rev.

“A Most Wondrous Time For The Growth Of Humanity”

Beloved Ones,

It is a most blessed time to speak with you. Many of you are
celebrating your traditions which create a great heart opening for you.
You celebrate the occasion of the birth of Christ and you find at this
time, it is a most wondrous event which brings you together with your
birth families. It brings you together with others. It brings you into
your heart and into a place of nonjudgment, of kindness, of love, of
acceptance of others. It brings you into compassion, a willingness to
understand and forgive others. It is a most wondrous time for
individual growth and a most wondrous time for the growth of humanity.

Take special care at this time, to re-member what you have come here
to do. Take the time even as you are busy with the activities which
surround your holy events. Take the time to meditate, to enter the
sacred space of your heart. Take the time to feel the love and the
wisdom, which is your God Self in connection with you, the personality,
the conscious mind, the human ego. Take this time, beloved ones, as
your hearts are so open. There is the willingness for the new to come
in, and the willingness to be allowing of others. It is in the allowing
that you may find peace and wisdom and the great love which you so
desire. It is in the allowing that the judgment falls away. Criticism
becomes of the past, intolerance also falls away, as in the allowing,
the heart becomes filled and compassion, and one may
ultimately move into the state of beingness, as one claims their
personal power, in this love and compassion.

The Cosmic heartbeat within you expands with love, the unconditional
love, which creates bliss and great wisdom and the state of beingness,
you so desire. The expansion of the Cosmic heartbeat within you will
assist you in focusing on the allowing of unconditional love. The
expanded heartbeat, when focused upon, will allow no other. It will
allow no lower vibrations, no lower emotions; there is only the love of
the Sacred Heart, the love of the Cosmos, the expansion of the wisdom of
the universe into the cosmic wisdom. This expansion of the Cosmic
heartbeat within each of you, opens you to new beginnings, new
opportunities, as you raise your consciousness to new levels of wisdom
and understanding. It is a glorious opportunity at this time, and one
which is not only offered to you through your holy days, but an
opportunity which is presented to you through the shifting of the
December Solstice and the Lunar Eclipse.

The astrological events before you present great opportunity if you
each seize the moment. Take this opportunity to strengthen your
understanding of your oneness with the earth, all life forms, and your
planetary system and your sun. Focus at this time, on expanding your
field to include all the planetary bodies of your solar system. It is a
time for you to have a greater awareness and true understanding of your
heritage, and your connection with all life. Allow the expansiveness
to flow into your field, and allow this expansiveness to fill your heart
and strengthen the Cosmic heartbeat within you. Allow the beat to find
its natural rhythm and pulse, and simply be this heartbeat. As you
pulse with the planetary bodies of your solar system, become comfortable
with this strength of the pulse of the heartbeat. Take the time to
open your heart in love and joy, to this connection.

Once you have done this for awhile, bring the pulse, the heartbeat,
closer to home, closer to you and your oneness with the earth and all
life forms. Feel the pulse of the Cosmic heartbeat fill earth and all
life forms. Sit with the heartbeat pulsing through you and the earth
and all life. It is a most magnificent moment, this pulse of the Cosmic
heartbeat, a moment of knowing that all that every soul speaks, acts,
feels and thinks, is one with every other life form and mother earth.
With the pulse, this can be felt and understood, and a great knowing
comes to pass of the interconnection of all life. Expand this
knowingness, as you radiate it out to all life forms and the earth. It
is a great gift for each of you, wisdom which can transform you and your
relationships with others and your interaction with your planet and all
life forms.

Your blessed earth awaits you, each of you, to be her heartbeat, as she is your heartbeat, as all life is your heartbeat.

Call on me to assist you. I am here with you, I have never left you. My heartbeat pulses with each of you, and your earth.

I am Sanat Kumara.

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