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Greetings my blessed hearts,

I am thrilled to connect with you all on this most glorious of days.
What a special day it is. It is another day when you play on the soil of
your special mother/father and honour creation through your incredible
gift of life. The vibration of the continues to build
all throughout the earth. The central core of planet earth is now
teaming with new globes of high vibrational capacity that are bringing
balance to your world in carefully played out stages. We do not wish to
overload you.

It has been a rapid year of inner and worldy growth as you measure
time and we your friends are glad to let you know that as far as the
overall ascension of the planet Earth is concerned you have once more
accelerated it’s . It has been through the great commitment and
dedication of so many hearts awakened to the divine rhythm as well as
many new hearts who are now awakening and are now finding that there is
much more to life and the universe than they previously comprehended.

We can tell you that all is rapidly on track with your earthly
process and it continues to accelerate as the incredible energies
continue to build through the core of your planet and the inner land of
the earth and it’s powerful heart. There is more available to
your earth now than ever before because more representatives of the
light of creation are awakening now and in the past year. As you have
been told often before all on Planet Earth now represent many different
worlds and all throughout the cosmos and as they continue
to develop the begin to inject their unique assistance into the mix.

This is what continues to move the Earth into what you call the
Multiversal Highway. The energies dawning throughout the earth now are
cementing a firm bridge of light, and assistance from the expanded
light realms and of course the heart of the New Earth that is one of the
greatest supporters in seeing you completing your process. In the
coming year you are only due to begin a few weeks from now as you
measure time the Planet Earth and all beings here will only to continue
to grow, expand and develop into potential and their vast
nature. I will hand you over the guides now from the galactic who
are to impart some guidance as to what you can expect of your coming
year 2011.

My love to you all,

Quan Yin.

From the Guides of the Galactic Centre:

Greetings great emissaries of a newly dawning and awakening world of infinite light,
More souls all over Planet Earth are now awakening to their infinite
nature and their awakening is swift as they don’t have the challenges
that were present in years past on your growing planet. They quickly
shift into growth awareness and all that they are capable of and quickly
shift into their abilities. All feel right away attracted to assisting
their Earth in moving into an infinite new light, awareness and nature.
More and more souls are accessing their energy roots from all over the
cosmos. They are bringing their energies into the world vibrational mix
and this is rapidly shifting your world into a new light and awareness.

The year just finishing has been all about laying the energy
foundations for your grand and great shift to the new earth. The coming
year is all about the awakening of the cosmos all over your growing
planet. This will see souls developing and awakening faster than ever
before. It is rapidly approaching and it is time to begin establishing
your own bridges to your consciousness from the New Earth for this is
how your paradise is becoming a firm reality on your world. Continue to
grow and be open to what the universe presents to you for your growth
into infinity is now at hand. You will be glad to know that there is
only good and great potential to anticipate from this time forward. We
will leave it at this for now. Our love and blessings to you all in this
special season.

The Guides of the Galactic Centre.