1. This is Matthew, with loving greetings from all souls at this station. This
season when various faiths traditionally celebrate their holy days and enjoy
festivities with family and friends is an especially emotional time. This year
it is even more so. The vibrations has reached in her ascension have
intensified all feelings, and the two extremes of joy and sadness, in accordance
with personal circumstances, are stronger than ever before.2. We wish
that every soul had reason to feel only joy, and within a comparatively short
time, all who are light-filled shall. Your world’s abundance of resources will
be fairly allocated; souls on Earth can visit their loved ones in Nirvana and
vice versa; and happiness, health and fulfilling lives will be the lot of all
who continue their physical journey with Earth.

3. But in this moment,
many, many souls are suffering. Please reach out with caring to those who are
sick or are grieving the loss of beloved persons, with compassion and aid to
those who are homeless or hungry, with prayers for all who are in misery in
distant lands. To those who are fearful about the state of the world, offer
assurance that in the not too distant future, all peoples will live in peace and
in harmony with Nature.

4. This season also is a time of giving thanks
for the blessings in your lives. Many of you will be hearing or singing
carols that refer to angels, and while that music is indeed stirring,
it places angels at a specific time of the year and in a long-ago setting, far
removed from your daily life. Nothing could be further from the truth! Foremost
in your thankfulness should be the angels, whom you can rightfully think of as
God’s arms forever gently enfolding you.

5. These collective energies of
light have the mission of safeguarding, assisting and comforting you, and they
are ever vigilant so they can instantly respond to your needs. A guardian angel,
or gatekeeper, is assigned as your primary constant unseen and silent protector,
helper and guide; but most angels are free agents, always available as
reinforcements for the guardian angel whenever the need arises. You can call
upon the angels for assistance at any time, but even if you don’t believe in
them or don’t think to ask them for help, the energy of your anticipated need
reaches God; and in the divine communication system, His emissaries immediately
know how to respond.

6. Many people in life-threatening situations have
been saved by angels’ intervention, but if the consequences of dire
circumstances are within the souls’ pre-birth chosen experiencing, the angels
cannot interfere. They are, however, permitted to relieve extreme mental or
emotional anguish. Without that angelic buffer between clear thought and
desperation, wise behavior and irrational action, or miscalculation and its
results, many physical lifetimes would be much shorter than soul contract

7. Contrary to common opinion and depiction in art, angels do
not have wings. They have the ability to manifest them if they wish and
sometimes they do. However, in life-threatening situations the energy is so
intense that some individuals can see the angels’ etheric bodies; if they
believe that angels have wings, they perceive wings even though none exist—that
is how strongly your beliefs create your reality.

8. At times angels may
appear to be as solid as your bodies seem. They can work through entities in a
human form but with suprahuman capabilities, and souls in the lower angelic
realms can spend a lifetime in Earth’s density. They manifest a human form and,
with great diligence and tenderness, serve wherever they see the need—if you
think of someone as being an angel, you may be absolutely right.

Another extraordinary angelic service is making the music that is referred to as
"the sounds of the spheres" or "choirs of angels." The vibrations of their
majestic tones reach you at soul level and uplift weary spirits and help heal
broken hearts.

10. Although angels are not your only unseen
helpers—spirit guides and other souls in spirit or physical realms also are
God’s emissaries at your beck and call—they are exalted by all the others, and
rightly so. As co-creations of the archangels and Creator, they are the only
souls who never separated spiritually from the Oneness. They are of a purity
that is rare outside their own realms and their love for humankind is
unconditional. So when this season of holy days and festivities ends and the new
year begins, be aware of and grateful for the constant presence of angels in
your life.

11. Now we move on to address inquiries related to the Golden

12. Will all the beneficial changes in our lives be accomplished by
the time Earth reaches fourth density or will there be more changes in the
Golden Age? All the changes until Earth enters fourth density will indeed be
beneficial, but soul evolvement, and thus your multiple lifetimes, will continue
"throughout eternity," it is safe to say. The soul’s journey of self-discovery
will continue unfolding throughout the Golden Age and far, far beyond, until
each returns to Creator Source. We can promise you, the wondrous adventure gets
more and more exciting!

13. Why is everything that you say is essential
for Earth’s ascension into the Golden Age, a scant two years from now, moving so
slowly? What will happen if everything isn’t completed by the end of 2012?
Ascension is an evolutionary process, not a revolution, and the transitional
stages require meticulous preparation so that all reforms are handled within
legal systems that are just, and nothing is minimized or overlooked. Be assured
that everything that is essential will be completed!

14. As we have
mentioned in prior messages, the tenacity of the Illuminati has kept hidden the
truths that must become publicly known so that major changes going on "back
stage" can be brought out into the open. Therefore, instead of the original
master plan, which was to introduce the truths and reforms incrementally so that
peoples could adjust to each before encountering the next, the pace must be
swift. Because third density mentality cannot easily assimilate new beliefs or
willingly accept great differences, the months ahead will be tumultuous as even
many "good" but unenlightened people will resist the coming changes.

That is why we have urged you who know what is happening and why to tell all who
are receptive—your steadfastness in the light will touch them and can ease their
fears. If persons especially dear to you cannot accept the truths, honor their
free will choice without sadness or regret. Not only will they have other
opportunities to overcome third density’s limitations and move forward in soul
evolvement, but your love bonds are eternal and will reunite you at soul level
in all compatible energy planes.

16. What will happen with present day
empiric science? Just as it has for centuries, science will continue to evolve.
The great difference will be that without hesitation or resistance, your
scientists will embrace the reality of the universe and the laws that govern
life within it.

17. A reader questioned the discovery of huge "bubbles
of energy" in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Your telescopes and scientists
don’t have the capability to correctly identify most of the marvels that exist
in the universe, where everything is energy fluctuating at one frequency or
another. Indeed celestial matter may appear in a bubble form, but energy doesn’t
simply float around like soap bubbles.

18. What is the difference
between marriage in third dimension and soul mates in higher dimensions? A great
deal! Marriages on Earth do not always come from love, but rather for pragmatic
reasons such as parental arrangements for their children, unplanned pregnancies,
solidifying fortunes, keeping families "royal," young people escaping from
unhappy family life, and pure lust. None of those kinds of conditions exist in
more highly evolved civilizations, where only deep friendship, compatibility,
mutual respect and love lead to a long term commitment, which is honored by all
who know the couple. Legalities play no part at all in those unions.

Can pets accompany their families who qualify light-wise to live in the Golden
Age? The answer is a qualified "yes." First we say that light is not the only
qualification to go along with Earth into her Golden Age—many light-filled
individuals chose in their soul contracts to end physical lifetimes prior to the
end of 2012. That same provision applies to the higher orders of animals. The
innocence of animals—including those you consider predators, who kill only for
and will become the vegetarians they once were—automatically gives them
passage if their soul contracts call for that length of time in a body. So
family members and their beloved pets who chose lifetimes that extend into the
Golden Age will enter that glorious era together.

20. Some have
expressed concern that feeling heaviness of heart about world affairs will dim
their light to the extent that they won’t be able to live in fourth density
vibrations. It is natural to feel compassion for all who are suffering—people,
animals, Mother Earth herself—and while that emotion can make a heart feel
heavy, within compassion there is light. Self-pity is quite another thing,
however, so do not fall into that dark trap. To lighten heavy hearts, send forth
healing light to all the world; remember that millions who are suffering are
completing chosen karmic experiencing; feel grateful, not guilty, for all the
blessings in your lives; and visualize Earth’s Golden Age where only peace,
love, cooperation and joy exist—that world is coming closer and closer!

21. How will unemployment and underemployment be managed in fourth
density? Neither is part of fourth density life. You are accustomed to thinking
of employment as a job with salary or wages whereas that word means the use of
time, tools or services advantageously, and that is what you will be doing in
fourth density.

22. Many types of work that are common in third density
do not exist in fourth. There are no industries associated with war, for
example, and none in chemical production, oil or natural gas extraction,
logging, or mills or mining as you know them. Multinational corporations don’t
exist in those higher vibrations and neither do diseases, so there is no need
for medical surgeries, psychiatric counseling, pharmaceuticals or funeral
establishments. There are no tedious, monotonous jobs or paper shuffling; no
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or weekend workdays or swing-shifts; no long commutes to
workplaces or traffic jams; no concerns about loss of jobs.

23. If your
experience and expertise is in a field that is not part of life in fourth
density, please do not fret! There is a wide variety of employment as well as
academic studies and training at all levels. You can choose to work in any field
that interests you, such as communication, education, planning, clothing
design, entertainment, sports, architecture, construction, landscaping, farming,
food service, animal care, libraries, all forms of artistic and cultural
pursuits, events, publication, commerce and administration. Leisure activities
include everything that you enjoy now with the exception of killing animals for
sport or competitions that cause bodily harm.

24. You will not miss
those kinds of employment and leisure time exclusions, or anything else that is
harmful to life and the environment, because fourth density offers so much more!
The vibrations permit greater usage of brain power, longer and healthier lives,
more satisfying productivity, more meaningful relationships, and higher
aspirations and achievements than you can imagine. You will learn to master
manifesting whatever you wish by visualization, thus eliminating the need to
repair or replace apparatuses that break down. There are no financial binds, no
need for insurance of any type, and no mortgages or any other

25. Many question how NESARA fits into the picture. The
abundance of deliberately false information and innocently incorrect information
about NESARA has created much confusion. Succinctly stated, this is a
God-mandated cooperative effort between members of your civilization and
spiritually evolved civilizations to bring about world transformation and
spiritual renewal, and its fulfillment is Earth’s Golden Age. At soul level you
know this, and being a part of these sweeping global changes is why you wanted
to embody there at this time. Mother, please add a note about the message that
comprehensively explains NESARA. [Special NESARA Edition is below the message
dated September 11, 2006.]

26. Thank you. And now responses to an
assortment of topics that I have been requested to comment on.

27. What
impact will the documents released by Wikileaks have on whatever progress
"behind the scenes" has been made toward world peace? Not a whit!

Others also expressed interest in the effects of Wikileaks, but many more are
concerned that instead of seeing peaceful stabilization efforts within and
between nations, evidence is to the contrary, citing the renewal of violence by
the Irish who want to be free of British influence, North Korea’s foray into
, elections keeping ruthless regimes in control, ’s continuing
oppression of Palestinians, continuing or greater unrest within African nations,
’s belligerence, and does pose a nuclear threat? Those situations
and all others whereby wars, government oppression, "black ops" actions,
incarceration of protesters and assassinations occur are exemplifying the dark
side of the duality within humankind that is playing itself out.

Others asked about government control of the Internet, offensive airport
security measures, regulation of natural remedies and nutritional
supplements, "fracking" process to obtain natural gas, sale of public waters,
the condition of the Gulf of , stalemates in partisan politics, toxins in
chemtrails, drug wars in Mexico, biowarfare, destruction of rainforests, wanton
killing of sea and land animals, and genetically modified foods and seeds. There
will be satisfying resolutions to those proposed or ongoing situations and all
others that are by dark intent to adversely affect health, the environment and

30. Yet, when you see senseless violence, legal injustices,
multinational corporations influencing governments, pollution, and the massive
misery caused by war and impoverishment, being told "All of that will end" begs
the question "WHEN?!" And we cannot give exact times because Earth’s energy
field of potential is in an uproar, but we can promise that you shall see
positive changes as the light keeps intensifying. Staying steadfast in the light
will help keep your energy balanced as well as hasten the day when the reign of
darkness on the planet is completely over.

31. Don’t the many languages
we speak contribute significantly to the world’s problems? How will this barrier
to understanding each other be handled in the Golden Age? Indeed your many
languages cause problems—this was the intention of the dark forces that
manipulated human genetic make-up. They eliminated the awareness of every soul’s
capacity for telepathic communication and instilled in thought patterns the
divergent means of expression that became your many languages. The result has
been in accordance with that dark plan—flawed communication that causes
misunderstandings at best, and at worst, a fertile field for self-serving
deliberate translation errors.

32. The spoken word will continue to be
important to you, and with greatly expanded brain usage in fourth density, you
can easily learn new languages if you wish. However, you will appreciate the
spontaneity, clarity and absolute honesty of soul-to-soul conversations and
often choose that mode of communication. An inherent aspect of this
communication form is an automatic system that translates two languages or a
hundred simultaneously into the universal language that is understood by every
soul. The multiple language capability would be used for international
gatherings, for instance, where now individual translators are needed. We hasten
to reassure you that in addition to that extensive capacity, telepathy also has
a feature that insures complete privacy in conversations between two people and
the same in conference calls where several parties are participating.

33. We add here a note of caution. Telepathic connections are opening,
and you must be aware that dark entities are just as eager to reach you as light
beings are. Ask for Christed light protection and demand that only light beings
may speak to you. Please do not feel that "Christed" is an inappropriate word
for you to use because you think it pertains to Christian religions. It doesn’t.
Christed light, which is the same as love, is the pure essence of Creator and
the most powerful force in the cosmos. It emanates from the Christed realm,
Creator’s first expression of Itself into souls—this realm closest to Creator is
the origin of the archangels. Once you are in fourth density, you will be able
to communicate telepathically without any intrusion by dark entities as their
dense energy cannot reach those high frequencies.

34. Were Roswell ETs
future humans traveling back in time to adjust the future? No. The four crew
members of one of the civilizations that are helping Earth were in a small
spacecraft on a reconnaissance mission in that area. Two were killed in the
crash; one lived briefly; the other, who was not seriously injured, was taken by
an Air Force general to a base hospital and soon afterwards, was flown to a base
in the Midwest where he lived for over a year. Although never abused, he knew
that never again would he see his family or homeland, and it can be said that he
died of a broken heart.

35. Even mainstream media reported that flu
vaccines inadvertently carried live viruses. Were they destroyed as reported and
are new vaccines safer? No and no. The Illuminati could have prohibited the
reporting of that contamination, which was deliberate; but in light of growing
resistance to all inoculations, admission better served their purpose—beguile
the public into believing that new oversight has made all vaccines safe. And,
totally against the dark ones’ intention—that vaccines infect, not protect—the
technologies of our space brotherhood have rendered harmless live viruses and
other toxins insofar as possible; however, they still pose risk to persons with
severely compromised immune systems. At one time vaccines were pure and
well-intentioned, but like everything else that was developed for goodness, the
darkness stepped in and turned instruments designed for benevolent purposes into
instruments for their malevolence.

36. If there is a home I left
thousands of years ago, does anybody there still remember me? "Thousands of
years" is linear time, which exists only on Earth. The reality is, the universe
is in constant motion in the timeless continuum, where your past, present and
future are a series of events happening simultaneously. So "anybody there"
doesn’t need to "remember" you, they know you and you know them. It isn’t
possible to comprehend these ongoing relationships because you have no conscious
memory of them and no current frame of reference for understanding life in the
continuum, but in fourth density you will.

37. Soon you will be toasting
the last hours of 2010 and greeting the first day of 2011. As you witness the
great revelations that will be coming forth in this new year, remember your
interconnectedness with all other souls in the Oneness and let unconditional
love be a beacon to those who are foundering, that they may see your light and
find safety in the power of truth and love.

38. The light has won,
victory is yours! As you are discovering this for yourselves, all lighted souls
in this universe will be with you, cheering your magnificent triumph.



[Note from Suzy: Matthew’s next message will be late because I will be
visiting my family in Panama. Joyful holy days and blessings to you all.]