What would it be like if there were no secrets? I mean really no secrets at all. You would not have any secrets from anyone else. And no one would have secrets from you. When you really consider it, you realize that our whole old (I can’t say current because its already changing) is based on secrets and can’t function without them. Secrets are needed to have commerce in the way we do. We keep our business figures a tightly held secret. And could our government function in the way that it has without secrets? (can you say Wikileaks?) Would our religions work if everyone had the some information. (Like our bodies were created by extraterrestrials not Grandpa in the clouds.) Could anyone maintain control over anyone else without secrets? (That is the biggest secret). How would you interact in relationships of all kinds if there were no secrets. What would it be like if there were no privacy. (dare we even consider toilet and sexual habits).

Why am I writing about this stuff when its rather uncomfortable (to say the least) to even approach what it would feel like to be without our secrets. I’m doing it because my job is to help you embrace the . Realize right now that in Higher Frequency Light octaves, there are no secrets as such. The reason this is a challenge to contemplate is you are not vibrating at that frequency yet. If you were, you would not  even have a thought about secrets. That whole operating program involving the working of secrets won’t operate. You will be operating in a whole different mode.

That’s something to rejoice about. What won’t have most of you jumping for joy is you will be going through a where you will consciously have to let go of having to have your secrets. You will also have to let go of having others secrets control you. That one sounds easy (and sounds could be the secret for changing that) but we are talking about habits here which can be tough to break. Here is a secret that I am unsecreting right now! Ignorance is not bliss! You cannot avoid this process of embracing truth!

Ideas are thoughts which are vibratory in nature. The actuality and idea of secrets is simply a bunch of frequencies of light in its essence. The Higher Light Frequency codes that are increasingly becoming a reality in your life will entrain and raise the frequency of these secret thoughts. If it happens too fast, before the bodies can adjust, (i.e. gradually raise in frequency and integrate the sequential increases) the bodies will shatter or get “fried”.

These posts contain light codes that will begin to prepare you for this shift. For some of you (particularly if you already have been consciously following your Higher ’s prodding) just reading them and continuing to follow your Higher ’s lead, will be sufficient. For others, you may require some more personal attention to help with the transition. And your Higher will direct you if that is the case.

I of course can help you to access and integrate the appropriate Frequencies. Check out my transformational services. Your Higher Self may be telling you something! You are reading this right now, after all. How do I know any of this is true? Iiiiit’s aaaaah seeeeecrrrreeeet.