Noah’s Ark Is (still) In

 by Dan Eden for viewzone

Why is this not a BIG story?

I’m often amazed at our lack of knowledge about history. Ordinary people
are hungry for this information, yet the organizations responsible to
disseminate these facts seem to have an agenda to keep us in the dark.
This is especially true when it comes to our ancient human history.

I won’t hold you in suspense with this article: The Ark of Noah has been
found. It’s real. I’ll describe the evidence in some detail and end
with the historical and religious implications.

How it was discovered

1959, Turkish army Llhan Durupinar discovered an unusual shape
while examining aerial photographs of his country. The smooth shape,
larger than a football field, stood out from the rough and rocky terrain
at an altitude of 6,300 feet near the Turkish border with .

Capt. Durupinar was familiar with the biblical accounts of the Ark and
its association with Mount Ararat in Turkey, but he was reluctant to
jump to any conclusions. The region was very remote, yet it was
inhabited with small villages. No previous reports of an object this odd
had been made before. So he forwarded the photographic negative to a
famous aerial photography expert named Dr. Brandenburger, at Ohio State

Brandenburger was responsible for discovering the Cuban missile bases
during the Kennedy era from reconnaissance photos, and after carefully
studying the photo, he concluded: "I have no doubt at all, that this
object is a ship. In my entire career, I have never seen an object like
this on a stereo photo."

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