Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

The abounds with stories about the ‘Yamashita gold’, a
part of which accordingly went to the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.
Incidentally, certain writers did pen some well researched books about
the subject, the result ending among the ‘controversial’ topics in town.

Just exactly where did Yamashita, Japanese ‘tiger of Malaya’ fame,
get all those tons of gold isn’t difficult to imagine. The gold bullions
and treasures were plundered from the Asian territories where the
general’s forces went, carted to the Philippines en masse, before being
transited to for use by the Imperial state.

The ceaseless bombing raids by Allied forces of Japanese occupied
territories and naval contingents proved too much at some point. To
avoid further risks, the Japanese state decided to bury the remaining
gold treasures in 160+ underground bunkers in the Philippines.

According to some estimates, the part of the gold treasures that were
dug by Marcos’ people in the Philippines amounts to 1.33 million tons
at conservative estimates. Optimistic estimates say the total must be
past 1.7 million tons. So huge a hoard, that analysts now claim over 86%
of the world’s gold is in the Philippines.

Cautious of not wanting to lag behind in the investigations, I did my
own intuitive research about the matter. Using both meditation and
dream visions as tools, I conducted my investigations in the years
2000-2002. To my amazement, I was shown visions of the gold hoard—piles
of gold in a huge vault or so.

The Marcos gold has been scattered accordingly in many countries (6
as of year 2000), and entrusted to the illegitimate children of Marcos
(revealed by a fellow mystic R. Somera, c. 2000). In a dream vision in
2001, I was talking to a man (stranger) who told me that they were
returning a chunk of the Marcos gold that was worth U.S. $75 Billion.

I was overwhelmed by the amount, which by the way was just chunk. The
1.33 Million tons, at over $1000 per ounce today, is worth over U.S. $
1,000 Trillion. No wonder that the global oligarchs are salivating for
the gold, part of which they negotiated at some point to be diverted to
the U.S. to beef up its bullions and bankroll new treasuries (care of
the Tri-Lateral Commission or TLC).

To my mind, both the Marcos and Yamashita gold, including those
inside secret bunkers that remain untouched, are just but tips of an
iceberg. The gold treasures of could go much bigger than
that, a fact that made the British mad about the region during the
colonial times.

Just exactly where all that gold came from remains a tightly-held
secret though. From the vantage point of archeology, which discovered
that metallurgy (for iron, gold, silver, copper) began in the region as
early as 5,000 (before present), huge gold hoards is hardly a secret.

My knowledge of ancient wisdom is telling me that metallurgy, being
an ancient science in Lemuria (from old to Atlantean-era Mu), may have
been dormant in the consciousness of the Malays and Indo-Mongoloids
after the great flood that ended the last glacial period. That science
was simply being revived by the descendant tribes of Mu notably the
Malays, circa 5000 BP.

Not only that, to stretch out your imagination, the post-deluge
Malays may have been in contact with the Underground Cities’ people. The
underground cultures were nurtured by groups that escaped the floods
before they happened, precisely by building underground cities that
later thrived and advanced to a level befitting a cosmic civilization
(they can travel through hyperspace).

The contact with certain virtuous Malays may have made the
Underground or UG people to share technology as well as actual hoards of
precious metals to make them jump-start the leap to ‘high culture’ and
prosperity. By the century of 1400s, Southeast Asia was the wealthiest
region in the world, which historians of the West recognize as a fact.
Malay ‘high culture’ was also markedly established.

Whether the gold will be finally controlled by Filipinos of today is
doubtful. It is likewise doubtful whether the global oligarchs, led by
the House of Rothschild, will be able to own and control the Philippine
gold as their loot, no matter if they have in their possession some
chunks of it.

Virtue went with the production and collective ownership of those
colossal gold hoards. No person or people can ever have control of the
total gold who are lacking in virtues whatsoever. While there may be
certain virtuous individuals in the Philippines, the same virtuosity
doesn’t approximate the Filipinos at all, who are deeply mired in
worldliness just like their Western counterparts. Certainly, the global
oligarchy that is the seat of evils can never take possession of the
gold hoard at all.

My inner wisdom is telling me that, upon the ascension of Earth to
higher dimension after 2012, the same gold hoard will be tracked,
identified, recorded, gathered, and finally controlled by the Light
Forces that will arrive in full force to retake Earth for the Almighty
Creator. The will then be used for diverse purposes.

Chief among the usage of the gold later would be for economic
purposes. The need to have a gold reserve standard, which is now being
clamored across the globe, will finally take place, with the planetary
state taking stock of this hoard itself. It will securitize the entire
global economy which will run without money or currency.

Part of the gold will also be used for healing and balance purposes.
Together with crystals, gold can aid in balancing an entire city. The
new cities of the future will install crystal crucibles in their
strategic corners, and let us add gold in those crucibles. The same
metal will be used to create medical instruments for healing purposes.

Likewise will gold be used for communications purpose. Like the way
we use copper, gold and other metals will undergo more innovations in
the future for the same purpose. Terrans can even communicate with
peoples across the other edge of the Milky Way, and maybe those in other
galaxies, using gold/metals and crystals as mediums.

But to think of gold as coinage materials will be a strange fiction
story by then. To repeat, there will be no money in the future economy,
goodbye to currency and to hoarders of monies, and so gold won’t be
necessary to securitize money or serve as coin.

To conclude, Filipinos who will survive the 2012 event will have
something to be proud of: their collective wealth serving the planet’s
common good. Filipinos do exude service or karma yoga, so they better
share the same gold selflessly to the rest of the Earth, and take not a
single ounce of it for personal use.

[Philippines, 24 May 2010]