With day bearing down, I’ve been having thoughts about our culture and celebrations etc. I’m not really a scrooge even though I balk at “gift” giving and “ day celebrations.” No one says I’m a scrooge if I don’t celebrate or even give lip service to Chanukah. I was raised in relaxed Jewish religious and ethnic fashion. I was forced to participate in Religious schooling, but my parents only went to temple for the “high holidays” and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. We had a passover Sedar but it literally was a joke. We went through the rituals like uninspired actors in a B movie. For you “Christians” who can’t relate to this Jewish stuff because you have no experience with being “Jewish” and living the “Jewish life” from the inside, you have a little taste of how I have been experiencing “ Time”.

I know there are people out there who attempt to put some real spirit in Christmas, but for the most part these are hypocritical acts. Why do I say hypocritical? Because this should be hourly, minutely, secondly, etc behavior. Not the gift part, the “goodwill” to men part (which is the real gift if performed unconditionally). Okay, you women should get some goodwill too. Now, if you are one of those who are reading this and patting yourself on the back because you really do practice the “Christmas  Spirit” all year long, in the way your religion tells you to do, stop patting because you are going to get a sore hand.

Real goodwill towards people is an action that comes from the heart, not from following somebody else’s rules (scripture). When the Shift is complete, there will not be any religion, at least for those who make the Shift. Those of you who make this Shift successfully will have done so because you will have learned to follow your own heart. Instead of living someone else’s game, you will be acting out your own game consciously, creatively, from your heart. Your actions won’t be related to a belief. There won’t be any belief or faith in anything. Your existence will be your conscious expression of no-thing, or pure consciousness. You will worship no-thing because your experience will be there is no-thing outside of yourself, or that you are separate from, to worship.

Religions exist for you to be kept under someone else’s control. Playing this game has provided you with a dynamic opportunity for you to learn how to transcend the game and live from your heart. Because living in the game has become such a habit, it may take you a while to release the habit and move on. At least make a beginning of letting go. Make a resolution to embrace this , and your Higher Self will give you the opportunities to do so. You still must be the one to act!

If you are finding comfort in the rituals, than perform them. If you are giving in to performing the rituals, whatever form they take, (this includes societal rituals because societies are also religions, only who or what you are worshiping changes) out of fear of any kind of retribution if you don’t, its time to change your mode of functioning.

I’m not saying to disrupt your family’s ritual. You can attend and recognize the event for what it is, without judging it as good or bad, and enjoy what you can. Or at least attend without resistance and accept it as a “learning ” experience. If you do act or speak (speaking is a powerful action) make sure you at least are living from your heart.