Hark. The Herald Angels are singing. Can you hear the Angel
voices? They are inviting you into their midst. They are calling you to
rejoice in the Divine Love and Light streaming onto the planet during
this special time of .

Can you hear the Angels
whispering to you? Listen with your . Allow your whole being to be
receptive to these Divine Messengers who have watched over you
throughout your soul’s existence. They are here now with one voice
singing the idea of Peace within all beings. Making a joyful noise,
they offer you the gifts of Divine Light and a Love beyond your
understanding. Receive it into your being and shine this blessed Light
out into the world.

Just be receptive now and allow Divine
Grace to fill your being. This is one of the Angelic Gifts being
offered at this time. Grace is needed to sanctify the Earth, and to
bring greater coherence, respect and honoring of the gifts the earth
supplies in abundance. It is time for the people to offer to themselves
and to their planetary home the nurturing it needs to sustain life.
When humans honor the Earth, they also honor the elements of themselves
that make up the Earth.

Your Birthright

In fact it is
your birthright to live in harmony with the earth, to feel Divine Love
in your being and the power of surging through you in ever
increasing waves. Allow it to spark every cell in your body and
increase love in your being. As you do this, you glow as a radiant
light. It shines forth from you and you become to the World
that the earth needs right now. It is a choice for you to make moment to
moment, and requires a goal for the harmony you want in your life, and
a mental flip of the switch within your thoughts to create it.

Becoming a Light to the world is not arrogant. When one carries
conscious awareness of these higher truths, it becomes your duty. As the
apparent darkness of chaos and fear are so obvious, what could you
need more than Light? At this Christmas time the Light of the Christ
is more available than ever before. This blessing carries the
energy of Divine Love into your heart and out into your world.

Feel this Light in you that holds the divine qualities of Wisdom and
Love, and share it with others. Radiate Light to your government and the
world leaders. Send it to areas of suffering in the world, and to
those who work hard to ease the suffering. Transmit Divine Light to the
environment, and to all the living beings that are not human on this
beautiful planet. Don’t forget to shine the healing Light onto yourself
and to your families. This energy brightens and reconfigures the power
that inspires you into Divine Right Action. It is one way to bring
harmony and overcome despair within yourself and the world.

And then there were Angels

you celebrate the gifts of this Christmas season, there are many who
remember the Angels during this time more than at any other time of the
year. There are legions of Angels gathering ever nearer the earth now,
drawn by the prayers and the thoughts of so many people. This is a
tremendous blessing that opens your heart to more love and allows your
mind to receive a greater level of Grace. It is a good time to take a
moment to honor and connect with your Angelic guides. Ask for personal
assistance in all areas of your life and listen – really listen, as the
Angels whisper in your heart. They want you to follow your heart’s
message and feel the guidance available to you from the spiritual

There is an Angelic representation for the Soul of the
Earth and the Heavenly Realms. Your Angel can work with these
Angelic beings to bring more harmony within you so you can feel more
connection to your Spiritual Source and more inner peace.

Your Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel has been given this duty to help you to live in
alignment with your goals and intentions for this life. Through your
personal guardian angel you can learn to live in greater harmony with
yourself as a prerequisite for . This Angel is also
offering to you the ability to feel Oneness and Union with your most
divine self.

As you have grown into adulthood your guardian
angel waits for you to ask for help. Consider that it is now time to
ask. This Guardian Angel has been with your soul since its incarnation,
offering guidance and protection so you may find your Divinity and
fulfill your spiritual destiny. This beloved angel has intervened on
your behalf to relieve your karma and wants nothing more than the
fulfillment of your soul’s imperatives. Take time to feel gratitude for
this Divine Messenger who has such care for you.

and the Legions of

this holy time of the year, there is also more awareness of the
Archangels. Archangel Gabriel holds the empowerment for the winter
season, and stories abound of his intervention throughout the ages
during the darkest nights. The Archangels are given divine charge over
all communities, nations and seasons. During the 12 Holy Nights
beginning December 24, the Archangels freely erase all boundaries
between nations and factions. The Light of True Peace prevails in the
Heavenly realms, and can be called forth onto the Earth. Join with the
angelic host to spread this Light through your own life and pray for
healing of all nations and families. Use this pervasive light from the
Archangels to bring greater consciousness through you and all beings on
earth. This energy can make a true difference, bringing Peace within
all hearts. The realms of the Angels are available as never before
during this precious window of time.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas

is a stillness of this season that pervades the northern hemispheres
as the earth sleeps in the darkest time of the year. People know the
sunlight will return, and it is the same with the spiritual realms.
With faith, you believe that in the darkest times, the Divine Light
will prevail. There are ancient traditions that honor the return of the
Light following the Solstice. As you allow your soul to rest in the
depth of the darkness, you can symbolically come into the clarity of
the Light and receive a much-needed gift by creating a personal ritual
for this time that has meaning for you. Consider the beauty of the
symbols within the Twelve Nights of Christmas. You can use the time from
December 24 through January 5 as an inner journey to give birth to the
sunlight in your being, and illuminate the darkness within and around
you. As the Archangels use this powerful time to end separation, they
create an opportunity for true world peace when the empowered energy is
focused on peaceful coexistence.

The Twelve Nights of
Christmas act as windows to your soul’s purpose and can empower your
new year. Many traditions light a colored candle for each night. The
Twelve Nights can be used as an opportunity to go back through the 12
months of your year and honor your achievements and the lessons
learned. Each night can feature a spiritual hierarchy and a virtue that
you would like to bring into your life in the New Year. It is a
special time to pay attention to your dreams because they could be
prophetic during the Twelve Nights. There is also an opening for the
clear light of understanding and insights from the Angels that can work
through you. Some Christian traditions honor the 13th night, January 5,
as Epiphany. As the twelve nights progress, you can set a goal for
true clarity and wisdom to enter your mind and heart during the twelve
nights. Is it not appropriate for you to receive a clear epiphany about
your life as well?

Give and it shall be Given Unto You

is a wondrous tradition to give freely during this Holy Season. Your
generosity of spirit and willingness to give opens the energy centers
within your body so that God’s Infinite Love is experienced. This Divine
Love is unconditional and flows so freely, all are blessed by its
presence. When hearts and minds are touched in this way, there is a
healing. You will never be the same. You can keep this sense of loving
gratitude and willingness to give within you throughout the year by
setting the goal to do so.

Peace on Earth and Good Will Prevails

creating your personal traditions and meaningful ritual for this Holy
Season, you can use the spiritual support that is available to you.
With this support and your clear intentions, you can experience
transformation within your being and blessings in your life. Do not let
the material world overpower the beauty and depth that truly exists
during this special time.

Remember the Angels are available in
this Holy Season and be grateful for their presence. Once again these
messengers from God are saying "Rejoice! Awaken to the birth of the
Christ Light within you, and praise God for the gifts and blessings
abundantly available to all."

Let this Divine Light fill you
now. Allow it to enlighten your mind and heart, and illuminate every
cell and fiber of your being. Your willingness and openhearted
acceptance of this Divine Love blesses your body, mind and spirit.
Receive this gift and allow the Light of the Christ to be born within
you in this Holy Season. Let this Light shine forth from you so there
may truly be Peace on Earth and Good Will between all beings.

And so it is.

For Archangel Gabriel

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long
as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the
work. I love people to be able to share the work with others. www.thegabrielmessages.com.