by Dan for

A lot of what I write about is concerned about the ancient past or the
very near future. This time, however, I’m writing about the here and
now. I’ll be telling you about an amazing discovery that allows humans
to grow new parts for their body — arms, legs, spinal nerves —
everything. I’ll be telling you about how this discovery has revealed
what has been described as "the fountain of youth" that can not only
stop the aging process, but restore an old person to their youth. You
will be surprised to learn that it has been known for quite a while and
is the basis for the lore of Vampires and a woman called "The Bloody
Lady of Cachtice." All of this is no fantasy. It’s science and it’s here
and now.

I’ll also be telling you something you may not want to hear. It is my
hope that, after you read it, you will change your life. In fact, it’s
so important that I know you will.

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