There is so much happening this week that we may feel rushed,
tired, overwhelmed and frazzled. In addition to the holiday season,
which some people view with mixed feelings because they must spend time
with those that they manage to avoid for the rest of the year. For
others it is a happy time that allows them to spend time with those
they love. For everyone this is the end of a rather challenging year
and the beginning of a new journey. This week we have , the
, Mercury is still retrograde and a powerful full moon.

powerful Mercury retrograde continues to create communication and
transportation issues, typical of this period,  that force us to slow
down, think about where we are going and give ourselves some extra time.
But that’s a good thing. So often we rush through life not wondering
whether we want to do whatever we are doing, whether it is right for us
or even necessary. If we pause before we say ‘yes’, we can give
ourselves time to consider whether we are doing what we really want to
do instead of living habitually. This is one of the blessings of Mercury

Then there’s the solstice which is a time of
endings and new beginnings. Nights are longer and the weather is cold
(for us in the northern hemisphere), allowing us to go within and take
stock of what is important to us. This, coupled with a powerful full
moon the next day, gives us powerful support to begin looking at
ourselves from the point of choice-do we choose consciously and with
intention and awareness of what we are choosing?

Christmas is a
time to give and receive, to share and to allow others to share with
us. No matter how you view this season, it is about our greatest gift,
the realization that we are divine, powerful co-creators who can live
in unlimited, expansive and fulfilling ways when we remember that we
live in the world by choice and it is through choice that we create our
version of the world. I wish you the happiest of holiday seasons and
hope that you receive all your heart desires.

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