What has the Annunaki got to do with your C1 (atlas) bone? This bone is the bone that connects the skull and the spine. And why is this bone somehow misplaced in almost everyone? What consequences does it have? Is there a way to permanently correct it (in one session)? I have mine corrected years ago. I can’t say the results were dramatic, but that’s maybe because mine is not very badly misplaced. Read the story and find out.


 by Jean-Claude Gerard Koven


I first heard of the Anunnaki some twenty years ago when I read The Twelfth Planet by
Zecharia Stichin. His book, the product of extensive research into
Sumerian tablets and other ancient writings, describes the Anunnaki as
the inhabitants of Nibiru, a planet that circles the sun in a 3,600-year
elliptical orbit opposite in direction to all the other planets in our
solar system. It is not easily seen, the story goes, because its orbital
plane deviates considerably from ours and only passes through our
rotational plane once every thirty-six centuries.

myth of creation related by Stichin says: “Soon after our solar system
began to form, a planet thrust from another solar system passed near
ours, was attracted inward, collided with a planet called Tiamat, broke
her up to create Earth and the asteroid belt, and itself was captured
into a great orbit around our sun to become the planet Nibiru. It was so
‘Earthlike’ that the Seed of Life, begun there, was transferred to
Earth during the collision.”

passed as life evolved on both Earth and Nibiru. In time the Anunnaki
faced the prospect of extinction as they discovered Nibiru was slowly
losing its air supply; the only solution was through an elaborate
process involving the dispersal of great quantities of gold into their
failing atmosphere. When Nibiruian technology evolved sufficiently to
allow , the Anunnaki came to Earth, where they discovered
vast stores of the gold they desperately needed.

an extended period of successful operations on Earth, the mine
workers brought from Nibiru rebelled, and the Anunnaki rulers on Earth
decide to replace their own laborers with native Earth life. Their
initial attempt was unsuccessful, so they resorted to genetic
engineering to splice the native Homo erectus genes with the more
complex Nibiruian genes. After several attempts, the Anunnaki succeeded
in creating a hybrid species ideally suited to their needs – the one we
now call Homo sapiens.

myth goes on to relate the trials and tribulations that arose as a
consequence of interbreeding and uncontrollable population growth. War
broke out, and a decision was made to rid the planet of the new species
through massive floods. From there, Stichin’s saga parallels many of the
Bible stories that he claims are adaptations of earlier Sumerian

all makes for a compelling story – especially with Stichin’s extensive
supporting documentation. I assumed, however, that if Nibiru and the
Anunnaki were real, it was surely in some parallel universe and the
“facts” were to be taken far more metaphorically than literally. That
is, until two months ago when the impossible happened and the margins
separating the two parallel universes started to fade.

late March of 2006, shortly before delivering a talk at the Body, Mind,
Spirit Expo in San Diego, I was introduced to Ranan Shahar, the founder
of the New Dawn Clinic in . He had recently returned from a
course in concerning a process called Atlasprofilax that
realigns the topmost spinal vertebra, called C1 or the atlas. This
curious part of our anatomy, exhibiting little resemblance to all the
other vertebrae, fittingly received its name from Atlas, the Titan in
Greek mythology who supported the Earth on his shoulders.

to Shahar and the Atlasprofilax literature, the C1 of virtually every
single human is dislocated (luxated in chiropractic terms), causing an
blockage in the spinal column along with a host of physical and
mental disturbances. Astonishingly, I was told that the luxation is
always in the same direction—statistically impossible if this
displacement was simply the result of physical trauma.

it was just a half hour before I was scheduled to speak, I accepted
Shahar’s invitation to experience the process for myself. Sure enough,
despite all my previous metaphysical practices, countless Rolfing
sessions, deep tissue work, and chiropractic adjustments, I was among
the 99.9 percent of humanity with a significantly luxated atlas. The
treatment involved the massaging (including the use of a pulsating
probe) of the soft tissue surrounding the C1 vertebra. Apparently only
one fifteen-minute treatment is necessary, and if properly performed, it
lasts a lifetime.

being told about the nature of the process, I had completely
underestimated its effect. Imagine standing in a dry river bed just
below a dam as it is being demolished. That’s about as close as I can
come to describing what occurred. The “old me” was ripped away in a
torrent of freely flowing energy, and I could all but see myself
emerging from my personal chrysalis. Within minutes, the flood modulated
into a steady flow, and I received a distinct message telling me that I
had broken through a blockage deliberately engineered into the human

I enjoy a good story every now and again, this one begged for
independent corroboration. A few days later I called my friend Wynn Free
the of The Reincarnation of ? (www.caycesback.com),
who teams with Terry Brown  in channeling an evolved extraterrestrial
intelligence called the Elohim. When he responded several days later
with a message from the Elohim, my information was confirmed: The
luxated C1 was deliberately engineered into the Homo sapiens
coding by the Anunnaki in order to render their native pool of mining
slaves more docile, programmable, and controllable. This mechanism has
remained in the human genetic makeup ever since, and I suspect it is
well known to those who understand how best to exploit such things.

The story is apparently acknowledged by the Atlasprofilax practitioners in the (see: www.atlasprofilax.net
for a listing of both of them). Synchronistically, Théodor Haene, the
only person in other than Shahar trained in the process,
happened to come to our home a few weeks ago for a visit (forget
calculating the odds of that happening; the universe has never been
required to play by man’s rules). At first Haene was reluctant to speak
beyond the biomechanical aspects of the process. But when I shared my
story with him, he turned in amazement and smiled. 

realigning one’s atlas seems a good and necessary process, it does not
come without a price. Who knows what darkness is amassed behind our dam
walls? Once the free, both the physical and emotional
bodies have considerable catching up to do. While my spiritually body
soared, and my emotional body quickly adjusted to the new game at hand,
my physical body is just beginning to find its footing within this
higher vibratory state. Ten days after the treatment, I experienced a
severe spasm under my left shoulder that lasted for seventy-two hours.
Within weeks I needed the work of a healer to help clear considerable
blockages in my digestive tracts, and even as I write these words, I am
recovering from an onset of sinus and chest infections that is cleansing
years of accumulated debris.

am told that Atlasprofilax (currently offered in ten countries) is not
the only process available for realigning the C1 vertebra. Apparently
some network chiropractors, doctors employing the Blair Upper Cervical
Technique, and possibly other therapists and shamans are skilled in the
business of reversing the effects of this ancient curse. Both Haene and
Shahar are open to sharing their work and are willing to train as many
practitioners as possible. 

support the spread of any knowledge that frees the human race. This is
the time of awakening, when each of us is being challenged to emerge
from the false comfort of our hiding place in the still, dark waters
behind our dam. once said, “No problem can ever be
solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” If we are
to put an end to the insanity that has a death grip on our collective
sensibilities, then we all need to move to a higher level of
consciousness before it is too late. 

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Gerard Koven is a writer and speaker based in Rancho Mirage, CA. He is a
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