Too many people are thinking of security
instead of opportunity.
They seem to be more afraid of life
… than they are of death!

~ James F Byrnes, Govt Official ~

you truly aspire to a *NEW* Truth, then a *NEW* Story will unfold
organically. It helps to read the cues from the Universe and face your
own Truth so that you can consciously *aspire* to something greater.
Then your begins to assist and molecules begin to move.
Last month, Scorpio dug it up, this month, Sag will help you make
*meaning* out of the revelations of the last 1-6-12 months. Sagittarius
is the most spiritual of all the energies. Among many other complex
things, it represents wisdom, higher learning and exploration. Gemini,
Sag’s opposite represents *information* and how we gather along the way;
Sag represents *wisdom* and how we making meaning out of the info
gathered. This is the of learning all about new philosophies and
ways of life.


At this time, you are in the
unique position of being awake and conscious during a global shift, and
you can now CHOOSE the Truth you would like your life to be/express.
You are ready to take things to the next level with your spiritual
development and learning. This is about expansion and growth, going
beyond where you are now. That requires a certain amount of trust,
which comes when you’re connected to your Spirit and your Truth. This
whole year has been preparing everyone to live in some completely new
(and sometimes totally foreign) ways. Now, you have direct access to
this energy and this month, you have a chance to add your "intent" to
what the Universe is cooking up. Don’t wait for things to happen TO you
– connect to what will make your life have more meaning and expand your
horizons and EXPECT things to happen FOR you!

energy comes on the heels of Scorpio’s excavation of Soul. Some heavy
truths were revealed, for better or worse. Now, Sag gives you the
opportunity to make meaning out of the information coming to the
surface. Whatever has come to the surface in your life at this time (in
the last 6mo-2yr) – ask your Self is it TRUTH for you (here and now
today)? It turns out that many things, especially as we enter this new
energy / new frequency, are simply no longer true. It does not totally
invalidate them, or negate their value, it is just that what WAS true in
the past is no longer true in the present, nor will it be of any use in
the future.

 Sagittarius Asks …

  • What did you learn on your journey thru the dark night of the soul?

  • What do you want your Truth to be?

  • How can all that struggle and sacrifice bring you closer to your ideal?

  • What can be improved upon at this juncture?

dug it all up, now Sag gives you an opportunity to tell a *NEW* story.
This is the time you can dream big, expand your mind releasing all
(perceived) limitations and see what comes up. It is time to question
many long-held truths and beliefs which will not serve you on this next
leg of your journey. One month is scant time, indulge yourself at this
time and allow your Self ONE MONTH to consciously practice connecting
with the Highest ideals for your life, environment and community. Really
stretch!! It is so true, until you can actually picture it – VIVIDLY –
in your mind’s eye / your imagination – you will have a hard time
manifesting it – whatever it is. And when you add feeling/emotion to
the *thoughts*, and it will manifest even quicker. Practice *feeling*
your desires as if you’ve attained them. What would it feel like to
have your deepest heart’s desire come in to being? Practice.
Familiarize your Self with the feeling that you’re exploring. Allow
your Self the creative visualization time. (Next month, Capricorn will
help you ground it and form a strategy for making the vision tangible,
for now, just dream as big as possible!)

working with this energy (and that includes Sagittarius, Jupiter and 9th
House issues), you want to think outside the box – think BIG!! It’s
hard for most people to think big because their inner dialogue is
usually, "I don’t have the time or the money or the whatever-it-may-be".
Release that JUST for today (just for an hour) and imagine that you
taken care of … now what would you do with your time, energy and
resources? THAT’S Sagittarius energy – it’s fiery, passionate,
enthusiastic, go-for-it energy. So for this month, even if it’s only on
paper, THINK BIG!!

One of the things that will
help you in connecting to this energy also is being in nature. When you
cannot get to a place in nature, then put on an ocean or rain CD (or any
soothing nature sounds). If not, then use your imagination and take
time to go to a place that gives you peace and meditate there until you
feel completely peaceful and then start writing things down that you’d
like to do, be or have. The Sag energy is about being so enthusiastic
about a philosophy that you become it and express it and you actually
become a larger presence because of your enthusiasm for it, expanding
your own and others’ horizons. It’s time to walk-the-walk and actually
LIVE YOUR TRUTH … in action, word and deed.