We find ourselves at present in the midst of a shift.
Our external reality at this time can often feel unreal to us, somehow
false, plastic or less coherent compared to years or even months past.
We now find ourselves in this in between space, where the old ways of
doing and being no longer make sense to us, no longer support us and
frankly, no longer interest us. It is a time where all that we have
built our lives upon thus far begins to crumble under the weight of the
new reality that now presses in on us.

Our past foundations are no
longer viable, for the old paradigm was built upon separation,
limitation, greed and arrogance. The new energies that are flooding into
our time and space continuum are those that encourage and support
compassion, unity and grace. All that is not in alignment with these new
frequencies can no longer be sustained and as such must fall away as
the shift continues.

As the magnetics of our Earth Grid shift and
change all that has been held together within our personal and
collective electromagnetic fields will begin to loosen, dissolve and
dissipate. As this happens there is a reemergence of those long held
unconscious patterns within our systems that are breaking up and
surfacing in order to be released. Just as a seed which has lain dormant
begins to break through its outer shell in preparation for its
emergence and growth into a new level of being, so too do we find our
container of being cracked open for the emergence of that which we
are now becoming. The old casings can no longer house the light and
that is now emerging from within us. As this unfolds we may
sense or witness at times our emotional debris dislodging and moving
through us. As uncomfortable as this is, allow it to pass without
resistance. As it dislodges from our systems it creates a vacuum where
expanded levels of light can come to be housed.

We need not be
caught in drama as the old passes away, but acknowledge all former
experience as the gifts of a life fully lived which have held the
foundations of our former self intact as we sought expansion. However,
it is now time to release the old and embrace the new because all is
shifting and changing. The old paradigm is no longer and any attempts to
cling to that which was are futile at best. We are to release our grip
on that which is dissolving and open our hearts and minds to that which
beckons us forward. Know that it is an expanded aspect of our very being
that is now calling us forward, for the time has come to step into the
newness that lies before us. The new paradigm is upon us and indeed has
been readying itself, with our assistance, to become fully foundational
and supporting of the new world which we are now in the process of
creating together.

It is understandable that the life that was
once ours appears now to be a distant memory. In fact the identities
that we held as personalities may feel too as if they are slipping away
in light of our ever unfolding expansion. Do not fear this. It may feel
surreal and uncomfortable in this , but know that it is but part
of the transformational process that would free us from all former
bounds as we step into the freedom of being who we truly are. For we are
not our personalities. We are not the roles that we have taken on
through the prompting of others. We are divine sparks of the Creator who
are breaking through the limitations of this third dimensional reality
and opening to the higher dimensions which are ours to inhabit at this

This is why we have asked to be here at this moment in
history. We are here to break through the limitations of the reality
which has held in captivity for eons. We are here to show
humanity that there is another way. We are here to show that there is
another choice to be made. And we create this pathway for others by
living and walking it first. For this is an experiential journey, not
one built on conceptualizations and mental constructions. As we walk
this path we become that which we are here to experience and pave the
way for others to awaken and make a new choice as well. Yes, these are
times of shift and change. Yes there will be instances that create doubt
in us. 

There will be times when we wonder why we have chosen
this path and times when we want to give up and go home. But as the new
paradigm; the new world, opens up before us we will come to know fully
what we have known in our heart of hearts since before time began, that
we have everything we need to accomplish that which we are here to
accomplish. And we walk not alone but hand in hand with the Great Beings
of Light which support the emergence of the new which is upon us.

Blessings to you!

Cathy Olsen