Hi people,

In the next days, until dec 3rd 2011, I will not post anything, unless it’s really important and time critical. I am busy contructing a new where I can continue my postings. The domain of this website is still Dré’s and it’s sometimes frustrating not having full of it. And I also feel it’s time for some improvements. So I have hired my own domain where I am now building the new website. This can take some time and I hope it’s ready by dec 3rd. If not, I will resume my posting on this website, but less abundant, because I have to reserve some time to finish the new website. The URL of the new website is http://litcorner.net. It’s closed now. Watch in the next for announcements here whether it’s ready or not.

Dré is not posting anything on his since Dec 1st and he is not responding my emails. I hope he is just taking a vacation or something.

To Marc and Sherry: I will give you both an account with posting rights on my new site after it is finished (I presume you also would like to continue?). From Sherry I need the email address. Click on "" right below this posting (next to "no trackbacks") to email me. In the meantime, before the new site is finished, you can always post here.

I wish you all a Merry and a !