Grand Initiation for the Planetary Light Servers ~ Solstice,
December 21, 2010 ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Planetary Grid
Transmissions Through Mother-Father God’s Great Initiators: Sanat
Kumara, Regent Lord of the World,  Lord Maitreya, The Cosmic Christ 


of the Sun invites all Planetary Light Servers to the Initiation
Ceremony taking place within the New Earth Crystalline Matrix during the
Planetary Grid Transmissions.

Solstice, Tuesday, December 21 

This meditative ceremony takes place on the inner realms of consciousness for approximately 45 minutes during these 4 times:

, : 8 pm
Kolkata, : 8 pm
, : 8 pm
, USA: 9 pm

may choose to participate in any one or several of these transmissions.
This is a most sacred ceremony and it is recommended to prepare
yourself, your space and your group, if that applies, well ahead of

Audio Meditation at: