Why do we resist change when we know it&;s
inevitable? Is it human nature to resist change, and how can we learn
to be more accepting?

Because change is such a constant
part of everything in the Universe, part of what makes human beings
unique is your ability to create constancy. In order to create and
exist in the third , it is your job as human beings to
build stability and hold things in place amidst change. This is what
enabled you to evolve and develop higher ideas and more complex ways of
experiencing the world. For a long time, your ability to create
constancy in the midst of change was so much smaller than the
ever-constant change that it never occurred to you to resist change or
deny it.

You simply worked to hold things in place as you moved
through change. Eventually your ability to hold things in place
became greater than your awareness of change, and you began to rely
upon the work you did to hold things in place. At this point, humanity
evolved toward comfort rather than toward health and happiness, and
that evolution rested upon a reliance on constancy. You began to see
change as an unusual circumstance and as a threat to your comfort.
This is how you began to resist change.

Once humanity began to
resist change, your societies evolved to protect you from noticing
change. Instead of seeing the existence of God in the changing seasons
of nature, you began to imagine a God who remains constant and
unchanging. Instead of spending your time outdoors in the shifting
weather, you developed work that kept you indoors for long periods of
time. Your attachment to comfort led you to a further denial of change
and, ironically, has made you feel unhappy with changes even though
they are inevitable. Ultimately you do not desire constancy. You
desire the ability to navigate changes in ways that allow you to be
creative. In the past, you had to work to hold things still – now you
find yourselves needing to work to accept change.

you will hold enough stillness amidst change that you can easily move
between both. When you do this, you can become creative using constancy
just enough to help you use change for your highest benefit. Most of
you have healing to do in terms of your attachments to comfort. Most
of you are “comfortably uncomfortable.” You have become comfortable
with your limiting beliefs, habits, and routines even though they do
not bring you happiness. You yearn for things to change, but you fear
that change will be uncomfortable. The only way out of this is to
notice the changes that already occur in your life every day – even in
every moment. No two breaths, and no two heartbeats are the same.

the emotions that arise when you pay attention to small changes, and
deal with these emotions. Then, notice bigger changes and deal with
those. As you regain a sense of comfort with changes, it allows you
to stop resisting bigger changes when they come. And this lack of
resistance helps you think more clearly and make more empowered choices
in regard to those changes. This ability is creativity. This ability
holds the key for you to be truly and happy and comfortable in all
things. Sounds simple, right? It is simply but can take many years to
master. Keep returning your attention to the small changes. One
breath at a time. (November 2010)

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