Hello to all peoples of the Earthly realms,
We are speaking to you, We are the .

We come to speak to you of this now moment, and of this Solstice that is upon you.
We are in much of this time that is in your now.
Many roads have led us all to here, and here we are..

This time of your Solstice is very powerful, for all is watching this
world in this moment. All are watching what will transpire upon your
Earth in each of your realities.

We see many peoples coming into a balance within their selves. Much
upheaval is upon you and this is in due course, to open your fields to a
new way to be upon the Earth and to be in the forms you are upon Her!

We speak to each and every one of you of this still point within
yourself and how it is cultivated. This still point is reaching a crux
or nexus point with all that is, with creation.

The Solstice is a lining up with the center of your galaxy, with the
. The is home to many beings in a field of light.
This light is aligning with your home world. As this happens you are all feeling the energies of Change, they are upon you!

Change sometimes can appear to be scary or not known. In this you
must trust the higher powers within you to know that this changing is
leading to a brighter day, a day of rejoicement for all the struggles
you have been thru.

All matter here is in flux of transformation, all matter in your
realms is transforming to what is naturally your birthright. All odds
against you will be rectified and balanced within these realms, it is
happening in this moment.

Breathe the new moment into your being!
Breathe this new unfolding of matter, of life.

We speak to each of you to come into a state of balance, of allowing
this flow of light and love to be born through your being, this is what
you all signed up for, to be here in form to allow this to transpire
within you now!

All of us in the higher realms are here to be in support of this process.
We cannot make the choice for you, but we can be in support of your choices for enlistment.

We can also help you in stabilizing your fields to allow more flow.
We can also help you in adjustments of the flow if it is too much for
Just call out to us, or any others that you feel, whether angels or
personal guides or family that has crossed over, we all hear your call
and respond, even if you do not consciously know this.

Be in joy of your true nature and allow this ampage and adjustment to
be in a natural way, there really is nothing to fear or worry that you
are not doing something correctly. When in doubt, just allow, we say
this over and over, we know, but it is the best advice for you upon the

Know that this Solstice is monumental in the that is unfolding
upon the Earthly realms. Never before has this much Love been available
to each of you, and it is found within each of you!

This love is awakening each of you and everything to be in
remembrance of who you are and why you are here, surely you are all
questioning these things in this timing!

We know each and everyone of you; we know what it is like to be upon
the earth in this timing. We see the hardships and the grace.

Listen to your soul in what steps you need to take to proceed. Listen
to your form in what steps would be most beneficial to your body.
Listen to your heart in what your truth is, and allow it to be known to you.

We rejoice with you in this now moment.
We rejoice with you in remembrance of who we all are together, family of
light. Understanding the process to get us to this timing is at hand
and we watch patiently for the unfolding of matter, the unfolding of all
that is.

Be in kindness to your self at all costs! Be in forgivingness of
yourself for all pasts and futures, be present and in acceptance of
where you are now, and witness your glory, it is returned to you!

We are here to be of assistance and ask you to ask for our help in
stabilizing the within your body. You can also ask your
body to be in a state of stabilization within your now moment.

Come into resonance with your abilities and powers of who you truly are in these forms and be in a state of nowness.

We again want to tell you how special this timing of the solstice is!
We ask you each to be clear in where you are and honest with yourself.

This is all a process in remembering your true nature and it is
happening to each of you in your divine timing. Relax and go with your
flow, go with your heart and soul nature, let go of the shoulds and the
not good enoughs.

You are all magical beings of divine origin and it is your timing to remember the strengths that are yours innately.

We tell you your freedom is at hand and believe in the powers of
balance, it is upon your world presently and will be in a continuation
of rectifying all matter in these realms.

We are the Arcturians and wish each of you to bear witness to the
gods that you are, to the light that has never truly dimmed within your

You are the shining sun and that power will be understood and
expanded, allow it’s entrance, allow the unfolding and be in a state of
gratitude, it is your choice in what you wish to experience.

We presently are in many councils in many friendships with many
beings and we are all ready for your unfoldment, know that you too are
ready and allow it to be, that is all.

We wish you tidings of joy and friendships with all that is, and it is returned to your heartspace in a loving embrace,
We meet you there…

copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel Free to re-post as long as credit is given to channel and her website is included, Thanks!