Many millennia ago, on a continent
long since swallowed by the waters of the Atlantic, there lived a race
of human beings who had achieved a level of technical development
comparable to your own, and who had evolved a civilization that met the
needs of all of its citizens. There were two major racial types: a
dominant group of tall, willowy, fair-skinned people who occupied all of
the important posts, and a servant group of short, swarthy, muscular
beings who did most of the manual work.
This arrangement operated to the satisfaction of everyone. The
dominant race understood that they had a duty to the worker group: an
obligation to foster mental and emotional growth among them, while at
the same time treating them with the utmost kindness. The tall ones had
been taught that both racial species were interchangeably used by souls
belonging to a single group, and that these souls incarnated repeatedly
in one or the other species, depending upon what life-lessons were most
in need of being learned.

With the passage of time, the dominant race slowly lost sight of the
ancient teachings. They began to treat the workers with disdain, looking
upon them as inferior — fit only for exploitation. The programs that
sought to help the workers develop mentally and emotionally were
terminated. Laws were passed that prevented them from living within the
major cities. By then, the tall race had developed technically to the
point where very little manual labor was required. In time there was a
complete physical separation between the two groups. The workers,
abandoned by those who had once befriended, taught and cared for them,
descended into savagery. They fought among themselves and raided the
settlements of the tall race for and other necessities. Eventually
the workers became more and more susceptible to disease, and their
numbers steadily decreased.
The soul group we are describing is of course your own. That group
has been trying to learn the essential lessons of the material plane
ever since it began to use this planet as its main school at the
physical level. Unfortunately, the part of the Atlantis experience we
have just described represented a phase of unlearning — one that was
actually causing the soul group to lose ground. It became clear that
the experiment would have to be ended. The guardians into whose care the
human soul group had been entrusted decided there was only one way to
accomplish the termination, and that was to sink the entire continent
beneath the ocean.
The inundation did not occur without warning. In fact, the
guardians arranged for many minor upheavals to occur beforehand, hoping
that the Atlanteans would realize that they had strayed from the upward
path, and would seek to make the necessary changes before it was too
late. A minority of them did recognize the advance warnings of disaster,
and managed to escape from the doomed continent before it sank. Even
the sinking itself occurred in stages, again allowing those who had
"eyes to see" to read the message.
Time turns in circles. The screen of human history repeats the major
disasters many times, in the hope that individuals facing catastrophe
will subconsciously remember that they have lived it all before, and
will realize not only that the upheavals have a cause, but that they
themselves are that cause.
Now, in the final decade of the twentieth century, the human race is
being shown once again that the "wages of sin is death" — not in the
literal sense of this biblical expression, but according to its true
metaphorical interpretation: that prolonged disobedience to the cosmic
laws results in failure of the support systems that sustain mankind’s
planetary existence. Human beings imagine they can do as they please
with all the lower kingdoms – savaging the forests, polluting the seas
and rivers, bloating themselves on the cadavers of animals — and that
these actions will have no consequence. They think they can pour their
mental into the fashioning of apocalyptic weapons able to kill
millions at a time — but that somehow they can prevent all that energy
from `manifesting’ in the use of those weapons. Perhaps worst of all,
they believe they are justified in the hatred and resentment which they
carry about, often for generations, not realizing that they are merely
staining their own souls with such negativity.
But everything in the earth realm comes with a price-tag, and every
debt has its day of reckoning. For mankind on this planet, that day is
Just as happened in Atlantis, the pressures on humanity to reform
and spiritualize itself will build gradually — giving those who have
retained a modicum of intuitive awareness an opportunity to recognize
the yawning chasm of destruction into which the race is preparing to
rush headlong. If enough souls can make the necessary changes, it is
possible – even at this late hour — to avoid the complete break-up of
human civilization. Only time can determine how the impasse will be
resolved, for mankind has the gift of free will, and no higher spiritual
source can say ahead of time exactly how that gift will be exercised.
Watch as the events unfold. If you find yourself fearing that the
chaos and destruction will never end and that you are living through the
final days of mankind on earth, remember that these things are merely a
prelude to the emergence of a new and spiritualized race of human
beings, to whom has been promised a golden age of peace, brotherhood and
That golden age is not far off, as man measures time. A short
period of darkness will come, but then the dawn will break and with it
will begin an era of immense progress both materially and spiritually,
truly an Age of Miracles.
You can be part of that wonderful experience. You need only to
continue to practice kindness and caring, reaching out to help others
whenever the opportunity presents itself. Above all, trust that there is
a higher plan behind the negative manifestations on the earth, and that
the deepening shadows around you will soon dissipate.

If you cannot bring yourself to believe in a loving Creative Source
supporting your world, then at least believe in yourself, or in the
inevitable victory of truth and goodness, or in the inherent nobility of
the human spirit. In so doing you will be practicing faith, without
which the journey through life loses all meaning, and the mountain of
spiritual achievement can never be scaled.

May the peace and blessing of all the higher beings who care for humanity’s struggle be with you forevermore.