Hello to you,
We are from the Sirian Councils of Light and Eternal.
We are here to be with you in sharing of our knowledge together.
We are here to bring upliftments, it is in order.
We would like to speak to all of you of this timing that is in your now moments.

Much change is in your , is in your now. Much is changing in how you feel and how you wish to live presently.
Know in truth all is happening in divine timing, in divine Love for all
of you. This timing is rapidly coming to a One tone, a in unity
of all.

We speak from our perspective. From our , there is so much
to be grateful for. From our viewpoint, much is changing in your ability
to be present more often; this is of such joy to us!

To be present is to be in your natural power and ability.
We witness all of you coming home unto yourselves; it is here for each
of you to be nourished by the love that is your .

As each of you are rapidly releasing all that no longer fits with
this new tide, you are aligning with your soul and your purposes for
being present upon the Earth in this timing.

We want to also speak to you of your Earth’s consciousness.
She is also rapidly coming into alignment with her purposes, for she has
also been asleep in many ways. She is becoming aware of all parts of
herself. As this happens it helps each of you to become aware of
yourself, for you are intricately connected! You are One being!

We speak to you to help expand your , for this of all that you are is present, is in this !

This expansion is leading you all to become aware of the powers
within you to accept change. In this acceptance you will be reborn into
the light, into the Love of all that is. It is wonderful!

To us, we know what struggles you face, but come to see each struggle
as an opportunity to become more aware. This is a process, this is
unfolding now.
See your personal struggles as gifts that bring you the choices to
change your perceptions. As you allow yourself to be present you can
perceive the timelines, the choices that will bring you into a more
pleasant now.

We know so many question the moment, how can it be better in the moment, when you have so many struggles?
Look upon your life as the flow of a river, look upon it and allow it to
flow. You do not need to brace yourself for the worst, that narrows
your field and you cannot see the better in the moment.

When you are feeling the struggle, do the opposite, open further,
allow more flow, let go a bit. What do you have to lose, you have all
tried it the old ways and does that bring happiness? Allow in the moment
an awareness of expansion, an awareness of openness; this will help one
to see more options of choice.

This new awareness is flooding your fields, is allowing all to be
more present, in this you may feel that you are not the same. Something
has changed and yet you cannot put your finger upon it. There is
This is good; you are all adjusting to the new flows of that are
allowing you to shift. This shifting is proceeding nicely. To us we see
each of your fields coming into an expanded state, be in trust with

Know that all of the releasing is going somewhere, is bringing each
of you to a balance within yourself. This balance will be expanding;
will be helping each of you to be living your truth, to be in honest
ness with yourself. To be in clarity and good feelings more often.

All is in perception, allow yours to expand, to grow larger to bring into your awareness a state of joy, it is upon you!
We wish each of you to embrace yourself and know your worth, know your ability to be magnificent!

You are vast, you are multidimensional beings, this is an experiment
in bringing each of you home unto yourself, to your true nature and you
will feel more and more expanded in your form.

Allow the dirt to be washed away, allow the residue to be cleansed.
What will be revealed is a shining jewel a diamond of clarity. This is
who you are, you have just been disguised so you could play the game,
remember that!

As all is revealed to you, to your heart, open and embrace this
knowledge, allow it to permeate all your cells and embrace the new human
that you came to be a part of!
We are with you in rejoicement of your nature, of this magnificent plan that is unfolding in perfect timing.

Remember to let go a bit when you are stressed, let go and flow with your naturalness.

We speak to each of you and wish you to see who you are, to let go of the old and walk into the new, clean and refreshed!
In with this new awareness and always remember it is who you are-All!

We thank you for your service, for your choice in being present and
being present with the Earth, for she loves you dearly as we do!
Soon so much more will make sense to you of Life!

Enjoy the journey Home…
In Love,
All of us…

Ray Dawn
copyright 2010 Ray Dawn all rights reserved
Feel free to re-post as long as credit to channel and her website is included, Thanks