Gentle ones, blessed ones, children of the Most High, I greet
you in love, for that is truly who you are and what you are. I am the
one known as Mary, mother of , and I am — and you are, as well.

time of year you are celebrating the birth of the Christ. You have a
day set aside as a holy day to remember the Christ and to give unto
each other the tangible gifts that are as a symbol of your love. You do
not have to make the holiday one of stress, wondering what to buy,
what would be the perfect to give to a loved one, a friend, a
companion, because truly already in your friendship you are giving them
the most wonderful gift, the gift of love, the gift that says, “I value
you. I know that which you are. I know the love that you are.”

so you choose a simple gift, or an extravagant one if you want, and
you give it with all of your love to the companion, to the friend, the
acquaintance, the , the mate. You give with it your love and
your acknowledgment that you know the Christ that they are.

would speak with you now about the true story of . You have
the story that is well known of my traveling unto Bethlehem with my
husband, , and how the infant was born in what was a
stable. It was where the animals were housed, but it was not what you
would call a rudimentary cave, and it was not cold; it was very warm,
hospitable. The animals in their innocence and simplicity gave much
love, and it was truly a holy place.

As we had approached
Bethlehem, I knew that the time had come for the birthing of the child,
and we inquired at an inn if we could stay there. But the innkeeper
and his wife knew that the inn with all of its merriment was not the
place for the birthing, and so they suggested that we go behind the inn
to the stable they had prepared already for us. So you have the
Christmas story as it is related to you in your holy Scriptures, and it
is basically what did happen. It is also a story with symbolism and
can be read on many levels.

But I would speak with you now about
the true birthing of the Christ, the true Christmas story, for it
happened even before time began. It happened when there was a Thought
in the mind of what you call God, the Allness of All, when there was a
Thought to create, to express the Light.

That was the first
birthing of Christ, and you were there, as you have been many times at
the birthing of Christ, as you have been even in this lifetime at the
birthing of your own Christ, when you have had a moment of “Aha! I must
be more than what I have thought I was. I must be more than what the
peers, the family, the friends even, have told me that I am.”

had a moment of revelation, a moment of the Christ remembrance coming
through to change the way you looked at situations and the way you
looked at relationships, a moment of birthing the Christ. It does not
happen just on one day of the year. It can happen any time, any place,
and with anyone or without anyone else.

It is that moment when
you realize—you make real in your awareness—that you are the Christ
come forward into this reality to live that Light so that all men and
women can see that which you are and which they are, so that they can
see what has been called the aura that comes forth when you are happy,
joyful; when you are in a place where you are uplifted and you go
beyond what the world says has to be human experience.

So you
have set a day every year as an opportunity to remember the Christ; not
just my son, one Yeshua, who was and is the Christ, who did live a
human life so that he could walk amongst you as a small being and later
on as a man, so that he could share with you the revelations and the
knowing of how great you are, even though the world will not
acknowledge that.

You set aside one day every year so that
hopefully you have a chance to remember love, to remember how loved you
are, how as a small child always you walk the of our holy Mother,
the Earth. Because no matter how tall you grow and how many years you
garner unto yourself, you are always that small, innocent child, the
little child that does not know and does not understand the way of the

And that is why once in awhile you get tripped up by the
world, because it does not make sense that ones could be as you
perceive them—perhaps difficult, unloving, even harsh in what they
would say to you—because you are love itself. You are the innocent,
holy Child. You want to be loved, and you want to give forth love, and
you want to give it forth freely, innocently, without limitation.

yet the world, in this reality that believes in duality, the good and
the not so good, has taught you to feel that there could be less than
the Christ walking the face of our holy Mother, the Earth. And so there
are times when you feel disappointed in yourself and in others, and
you wonder how this can be.

“If I am”—and you are—“the Christ
child walking the face of the Earth, how can I have negative feelings?
How can I have of myself and of others?” It is part of what
has been called the human condition, and yet the reason you have come
is to show that it is not Real—capital “R”. It is real—lower case
“r”—in this reality, because this reality says, “Well, you have all
kinds of opportunities, and some of them will be good and some of them
will be not so good.”

But in truth, every opportunity that comes
to you brings a gift with it; a gift to perceive it differently and to
perceive yourself as the gift giver, because you manifest everything.
There is truly no one else living your life in your world except you,
and you are the divine holy Child manifesting, expressing,
experiencing, and then judging.

But the judging, when it has
taken on the covering of the world, is not true judgment. It is not
righteous judgment. It is the judgment that you have made down through
eons of time in this reality that there could be other than love. When
that comes up in front of you—as my son has said to you many, many
times—take the deep breath, step back from it as soon as you realize
that you might be in a place that does not feel very good, take the
deep breath and step back from it and ask, “How can I see this
differently? Surely there is another way to perceive this.”

if you have to literally turn around so that you have a different
perspective of something, even if you have to go around in a few
circles, that is okay, because you want a change of viewpoint. You want
to know, “How can I perceive this differently, because I know at a very
deep level that there has to be a gift in this; otherwise, I wouldn’t
be manifesting it. I am the extension of the creative One and I am
creating. And if I am the extension of the creative One and I am
creating this, then surely there has to be some good in it, and I want
to see that good.”

And so you take the deep breath and you step
back from the issue and you ask to see the holy picture; to see – as my
son has said to you many times – the whole, w-h-o-l-e picture; not
just the part of it that is right up in front of your face.

are many realities within the expression of the creative One; this is
not the only reality. This is one of the more challenging realities,
and that is why my son calls you masters, because it is only a master
who would choose to come one more time into a reality that could
believe in other than divinity. And whenever a reality is created that
has forgotten its divinity, there is always a messiah who volunteers to
come and to be born anew to be the Christ, born again in the reality to
be a way-shower.

In this reality you have many teachers. Down
through the ages you have many masters, ascended masters you have
called them, and many teachers, even teachers who walk amongst you;
friends who are your teachers.

And in every reality that has
forgotten itSelf—capital “S”—there is always a messiah who comes.
Oftentimes the messiah’s birth is honored as a special day; again, with
the opportunity for ones as they celebrate the messiah’s birth to
remember that they are the messiah, as well; that they have come from
the same Source.

So down through what you see as eons of time,
there have been many messiahs, different ones who have been acclaimed
as the wise ones who have come to show you one more time that the
does not contain you. You use the body to walk, to speak, to go places,
to express the divinity, but you are not the body. And you are not the

No matter how you try to shape the personality so
that you will be loved—that is the underlying motivation — you are not
the personality. You are the spirit that activates the body. You are
the spirit that is always wanting to come Home again, to come to the
realization of the true being that you are and to live in Lightness, to
walk lightly in this world.

On the day that you have set aside
as a holy day, allow yourself in the morning when you first open the
eyes—do not think about what you have to do in that day. Do not have
first thought of, “What meal am I going to prepare? What gifts do I
still have to wrap? Where do I have to go?” Take the first few minutes
of that morning to thank the holy Spirit of you, the innocent Christ
child of you, for allowing you to come forth into this experience to
play in this sandbox.

Allow yourself to feel the holiness of the
Christ. You are being born, the Christ of you, in remembrance once
again on the that you have set aside as a holy day. And
then on the day after the holiday when you awake in the morning,
remember who you are. Remember…”Oh, it is my birthday again.” And you
can have 365 and every fourth year you can have 366 birth days.

allow yourself to feel light. Allow yourself to go lightly on the holy
day and then each day after that. It will make a difference in how you
view the world. It will make a difference in how others see you. If
they see you as living lightly, it will encourage them to look into
their heart and to walk the light path. Because truly what you are, even
with the physical form, is coalesced into a form.

the beginning, before ever there was time, there was the birth of
Christ with the one Thought—capital “T”—that was outside of time,
outside of even what you understand to be creation; the Thought to go
forth and to express the Light, that Thought.

Light is used as a
symbol. It is a physical property, so that if I speak to other ones in
other realities and other dimensions that do not know physicality, the
example of Light is not used. But for you in this reality, Light is
understood to be the divinity of physicality.

In the beginning
before ever there was thought to begin, there was the Christ—creative
Principle I will call it; the Thought to go forth, never ending. You
will go on past time when the purpose of time has been fulfilled—and it
will be fulfilled, within time — you will find yourself yet being.
There will be a freedom, a joy, a true celebration of lightness; not
physical lightness, but lightness of spirit that knows how to just Be,
to explore, to experience, to express in all forms the creative

This year allow yourself to live in simplicity.
Approach your holy days in simplicity and in joy. Know that truly the
gift that you treasure the most is the gift of love, and know that the
gift that everyone else treasures most is the gift of being loved. It
matters not whether you have the most expensive gifts to give. What
matters is how you give the give the gift. What matters is that you are
willing to give.

Know that you are birthing the Christ each
time you remember love; as you have allowed yourself in lifetimes to be
the parent, to bring forth the newborn babe, to hold that babe in your
arms and to look into the eyes of that one with the innocence and
love, you have wondered, “Now what do I do?” You love them. You cherish
them. You thank them for being in your life. You can do this with your
own children. You can do this with anyone’s child. You can do it with
the Christ child of you.

The true story of Christmas, of the
birthing of the Christ, happened before time was even thought of, and
it happens in many realities that have forgotten their divinity. Not
all realities have forgotten their divinity, but for those who have, we
come, you come to remind ones of the Christ nature that expresses and
experiences all realities.

So love, live, birth the Christ
consciously in simplicity and in joy, as was done before time began and
as I did in the stable behind the inn. Whenever you want to know love,
call upon me. I have loved you with an everlasting love, for you have
been my child. You are always my Child, my holy Child.

So be it.

– Mother Mary
in expression through Judith

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