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is a non-toxic liquid formula that thousands of people in the U.S. have
used to help them fight . It was developed by an American
named Jim Sheridan who first had the
idea for it in 1936. He worked on and improved the formula over more
than fifty years, studying its effects on mice with .

Originally, Sheridan called his formula Entelev®, then a slightly modified version of it was named Cancell®. Since 1999, the formula has been produced as a dietary/nutritional supplement under the name of Protocel and sold out of (Ph: 866 / 776-8623,
The exact same formula is also currently being sold in
under the name of Entelev® (Ph: 1300-555-686). For
information on sales and distribution in other countries, please go to

History and Theory

Protocel was developed specifically as a and designed to target the anaerobic cell respiration of . The basis of this approach is supported by German Otto Warburg’s research. Dr. Warburg
was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1931 for his
discovery of oxygen-transferring enzymes involved in cell respiration.
Warburg was intensely interested in the physiology of cancer
cells and was the first scientific expert to prove that cancer
cells do NOT use oxygen in their primary method of producing .
This characteristic makes them different from normal healthy
cells of the body, because all healthy cells DO use oxygen in their primary method of obtaining energy for themselves.

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