This month, while not yet over, seems to be about receiving frequency raising light code packages or “downloads”. What will next month bring? Probably integration ( installation and activation of the downloaded “programs”). This is all in the name of . And the consciousness that is being embodied is . Now as I’ve said before has less to do with Jesus, than Jesus had to do with . Jesus was an incarnate human who was able to embody that vibratory level of consciousness which is named . Do you get the difference?

The reason I say that we are experiencing a shift is we all as incarnate humans are having the opportunity to embody christ consciousness just like Jesus. But in order to do this, you must do the work, or at least ask your higher self to bring you the opportunities to embrace this shift. Jesus can’t do it for you! He was not here to save you, or to die for you, or any of those concepts you may have accepted as true up until now. He was here for his own evolution and his service was to be an example of how to do it. How to embody christ consciousness.

As we near the galactic core, we are experiencing increasing Higher Frequency Light. This light carries information. This light catalyzes DNA activation (activates dormant DNA) and changes the DNA codes. It establishes a new with a new program. That program is christ consciousness. Hence a paradigm.  In this paradigm, the old programs of greed, power over, service to self, us against them, etc cannot operate! If you try to use the old program with the new operating system, you will crash!

And this is what we are seeing in the world happening right now! The old systems of government and economy are breaking down. They are being replaced with heart based systems. What does this look like? I can not tell you. I, like you, am in the middle of the change. It’s like being the batter that’s getting mixed up before the cake is baked. All the ingredients are there but the batter becomes something greater when it is baked. And if you are cake batter, you definitely don’t want to get fried.

So love is like baking and fear is like frying with hydrogenated oil. Use love light as your catalyst to embrace christ consciousness. Ask your higher self to bring you the opportunities to learn to live and create from your heart. That is what you should remember to do in this season. That is what Jesus would and did do.