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(NaturalNews) The fact that modern medicine can`t fathom a
connection with microwaved foods to is simple: Orthodox medicine
thinks nutrition and diet have nothing to do with . It`s focused
on germs and genes. Their intervention is based on man made drugs or
surgical procedures. Check out hospital food as a partial confirmation
of this philosophy.

Mainstream MDs may agree that direct contact
with causes problems. But they can`t make the
cancer causing connection to the food from microwave ovens. Hans Hertel, the heroic Swiss researcher featured in this `s Natural News article linking cancer to microwave cooking, clears the scientific fog formed by medical science`s half-witted declarations.

Agitated Molecules

Normally cooked food
is heated from the outside in. This is the normal function of thermal
dynamics: heat transfers to cold. Although raw food advocates will
rightfully point out the heat destroying nutrients, especially enzymes,
normal cooking doesn`t create nearly as much damage as microwave cooking.
You probably know that microwave radiation heats from the inside out. How is this accomplished?

Hertel explains, "Technically produced microwaves
are based on the principle of alternating current. Atoms, molecules and
cells hit by this hard electromagnetic radiation are forced to reverse
polarity 1 to 100 billion times a second."

"There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time, not even in the low energy range of milliwatts.
(…) This is how microwave cooking heat is generated – friction from this violence in water
molecules. Structures of molecules are torn apart, molecules are
forcefully deformed (called structural isomerism) and thus become
impaired in quality."

So it`s the water molecules in foods
that are directly agitated first to produce frictional heat. Journalist
Tom Valentine played devil`s advocate by posing this question: "What
about microwaves from the sun? Are they harmful?"

Again, it`s the
AC current propelling microwave ovens that create an extremely rapid
polar shift of the subjected water molecules. Hertel went on to explain
that the sun`s microwaves are based on a pulsating direct current. This
type of microwave radiation doesn`t shear molecules because there is no
rapid oscillation of polarity.

And There`s More

Besides these thermal modifications, there is direct damage to cell walls and genes
from microwaves. Gene altering technology, which includes the biotech
food industry, alters genes by weakening them with microwaves. Hertel
explained further, "… the cells are actually broken, thereby
neutralizing the electrical potentials – the very life of the cells – between the outer and inner sides of the cell membranes."

Strange and unknown compounds are created by microwave energy`s penetration into organic matter. They are called radiolytic compounds. Many scientists argue that these are created from normal cooking as well. However, Hertel`s research has indicated that far more radiolytic compounds are created by microwave cooking.

concludes that the food damaged from microwaving modifies the cellular
activity in the human consumers of that food. One`s cells are forced by
the damaged cells and radiolytic compounds to adapt into an emergency
mode of . The human cells are forced from normal
cellular oxidation into the anaerobic energy production of glucose fermentation. This is a cancerous condition.

Anaerobic glucose fermentation is how cancer cells survive and thrive. This is why cancer
cells cannot exist in oxygen. This is why cancer patients should not
eat sugar or foods made with sugar. It`s simple. Exchanging cancerous
conditions for convenience doesn`t make sense.

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