Apocalypse Now?


Nicholas West
Activist Post

Much has been written about the Mayan calendar’s "apocalypse" date of
December 21st, 2012.  Indeed, many galactic anomalies occur during this
time which some experts have speculated will cause significant problems
on Earth. However, some say that the lunar eclipse happening December
21st of this year (2010) may be a great revealing of things to
come. Furthermore, they suggest it may provide a powerful window to make
a collective choice about the direction of the coming apocalypse.The word apocalypse has been enhanced to mean "the end of the
world" or "the destruction of everything."  Researchers who adopt this
view when studying the possible effects of the coming galactic alignment
usually determine that total geological devastation is upon us. They
usually refer to effects from solar maximum predictions, magnetic pole
shifts, new galactic fields, etc. — which are all certainly
possible.  Surely it is easy to derive scientific theories of how these
type of events will cause havoc on the planet.

However, apocalypse,
as it is purely translated, actually means a "great
revealing/revelation" or "unveiling" or "end of a cycle," which is
different than the commonly accepted version from the Bible’s Book of
Revelation.  Most point to ancient civilizations such as the Mayans, the
Hopi Indians, and even modern religions to provide insight into the
change of our current earthly cycle.  This great awakening is something
that some "New Age" spiritual movements and astrologists have also
claimed for years.

Although each has their own unique take on the event, many scientists
are now turning their attention to the once-in-26,000-years galactic
alignment in 2012 to study the possible metaphysical effects of this
event on human consciousness.  Even mainstream scientists now admit that
our seemingly solid world is nothing more than a vibrational
field filled with different frequencies, which is then partially decoded
by the "observer" to appear physical.  Incidentally, genetic scientists
also have been amazed at the digital qualities of DNA.

Theories of vibrational reality have come a long way since the introduction of wave-particle duality in the 17th Century,
which claims that particles only exist separately from the wave when
the (observer) stops the wave in space and time and labels
that point a particle.  Consequently, if the basic building blocks of
all atoms and matter are particles, and particles are, in fact, not
solid to anyone but the observer, then it seems to prove that everything
solid is actually nothing more than vibrational waves of energy.  The enlightened comedian, Bill Hicks, explained it this way: "All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration."

Under this premise, it is not difficult to understand how unseen
vibrations from unknown sources can have an effect on our "physical"
world and even our DNA, as they are merely dust in the same wind.
 Certainly there are still many establishment scientists who view
astrology as nothing more than junk science; however, it seems that
signs of some biological imprinting
are now being revealed.  Additionally, scientists have proven that the
"rhythm method" of following lunar cycles as a form of birth control is
indeed statistically effective.

In the vibrational reality, it would seem that surely there must be far
more undetectable waves than ones we can observe with our five senses. 
An easy example of this is using a device to tune in to radio waves or
WIFI.  These, and infinite other energy waves, move at
higher frequencies than our senses can decode, but their existence still
effects our human energy fields.  The physical and health human effects of this electromagnetic soup are now confirmed.

point to our solar system’s coming brush with the center of the Milky
Way Galaxy as a time when new vibrational energy fields will radiate our
planet, resulting in a massive transformation in what our conscious
mind and five senses can "decode."  It can be likened to getting cable
TV when you’ve been accustomed to receiving the signal through a
rabbit-ear VHF antenna.  This coming vibrational change, they say, will
"reveal" what has been hidden from humanity, thus possibly bringing
about the apocalypse defined in religious terms:  "an imminent cosmic
cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the
righteous to life."

of the book The Choice: Using Conscious Thought and Physics of the Mind to Reshape the World ,
Mike Bara, makes the argument that the power of collective thought can
change the outcome of the coming 2012 apocalypse.  In other words, we
have a conscious "choice" in the outcome should we choose to exercise
it.  It’s similar to using the invisible power of thought described in
the book The Secret, but only for the greater good, not personal material gain.

Just as the physical world has been proven to have vibrational
characteristics, it is also proven that thoughts — especially focused
thoughts like in prayer or meditation
— manifest into waveform that can effect the physical health of an
individual. In turn, it stands to reason that if our thoughts manifest
as permanent vibrations imprinted into the ocean of energy, that
eventually if enough people projected positive thoughts of love and
peace the entire ocean could be purified by it.

Bara also proposes
that the Hopi Indians may have predicted the lunar eclipse that is to
occur next week on December 21st, exactly two years before the Mayan
calendar ends.  He says they refer to a great unveiling prior to the end
of the cycle that spans the globe from east to west — hinting at next
week’s lunar eclipse that begins in and ends in the Mt.Shasta
region of .  At the very least, Bara believes the eclipse may
provide a cosmic magnifier for collective thoughts — presenting an
opportunity for conscious humans to powerfully stamp an imprint of their
desires into the vibrational matrix.

Clearly, these concepts are still out-of-touch for the mainstream,
especially since this knowledge has been hidden in our modern society.
However, researchers claim that the elite rulers are well aware of this
reality, and they know that each individual has infinite power to affect
this reality.  This is evident by their odd rituals
to imprint negative vibrational density, and their extraordinary
masonic knowledge of harnessing invisible energies in structures like
pyramids and obelisks.  They go to great lengths to suppress humanity’s
access to knowledge to ensure we continue to believe that we are small
and weak. 

Many believe that the coming apocalypse is nothing to be feared; rather, it is a welcome transformation or enlightenment
of what has been hidden.   As this significant astronomical date
approaches, is it any wonder why the elite are moving so rapidly to
clamp down on free speech and silence protesters who are beginning to
wake up?

There’s no way of knowing for sure what the future will bring, but the
science seems clear that each of us possesses the power to effect the
collective reality through our projection of thoughts. Although it
cannot be statistically proven that the coming eclipse will carry with
it transformational energy, at the very least it provides us with an
excuse to have a party and howl positive vibes at the moon and beyond.

So, what can it hurt?  Go out this coming Tuesday and send your most
joyous feelings and thoughts into the night. Maybe, just maybe, we can
make a powerful imprint of love, joy, and peace into our deliberately
contaminated vibrational ocean.