My kids’ cousin asked on if he could reboot himself. He may have thought he was kidding. But that is exactly what we all have to do. But before we reboot, we have to download the new program. And before that, we have to begin to delete the old programing. The second video on my video page is an old program eraser. The crystal is sort of like a magnet that is programed to erase certain vibratory patterns. Of course, it is done for a general audience, so it only begins the process with the grossest of old programing.

Where are all these new programs supposed to come from? Is the New World Order putting them in our corn flakes? Are they being breathed in from all that crap in the ? Do we drink them in our water? No, its not that easy. Well that’s not the case either. The programs are easy to come by. Its integrating the programs that can be challenging.

As we get closer to the galactic core, we are coming into contact with increasingly higher Frequency Light. This light contains in coded . You can not escape the influence of this light. If you don’t upgrade your to accommodate this and information, your current system will be fried. It won’t be comfortable. You are probably noticing this already. But wait! There is hope. The key is, you have to ask for . Your higher is who you approach. You must start from your center and work outwards.

Ask your to assist you to be in your heart and act from your heart. Even if you don’t believe all this stuff, do it anyway just in case its true. Your will bring you the opportunities in the form of incidents and experiences in your waking and sleeping reality to move forward on your request. You still have to recognize what these opportunities are and take advantage of what they offer.

You are reading all of this right now because your Higher Self is providing you with an awesome opportunity. Don’t waste it. Take some action in your own best interest! If you are still confused by this current experience that you ordered up, (yes, you created this experience, so use it!) start reading all my blog posts from the beginning. (start here) I promise if you do, you at least will have more clarity about what is happening to you, and what path to take to proceed. As long as you are not in complete denial. Free will, ya know? And even if you do hold onto denial, at least you will have a good laugh or 90.