I’ve been seeing a lot lately (on the internet not in my head) about different factions or groups of extraterrestrials that are having an impact on our paradigm shift. This information is channeled which in itself does not mean it isn’t accurate. I know its enticing to embrace this information especially if its painting a picture that you want to have happen. I know I enjoy reading this information and am tempted to just embrace it all. But, the different scenarios can’t all be true, at least not in one focal point of reality. They each can  exist in their own version of reality. Then you can focus on the reality you like and choose that one to experience.

Just because you choose a certain story in a certain reality, doesn’t mean you will get the experience you are choosing. What if the experience you are choosing is really someone else’s holographic movie you are watching, and the reality it was created in is wildly different than the movie experience.  In other words, something you really don’t want to be associated with or interact in.

So how do you know how to act, what to choose, or how to be? Rely on your Higher Self and your heart. Don’t try to understand the information on a rational or intellectual basis. (At least not if you are using the intellect to decide on the truth of the information or if you should interact with it).  Ask your Higher Self what to do with regards to acting on the information. Go to your and feel if your heart resonates with the information. If you are not yet practiced in the ways of the Heart and Higher Self, experiment on information that is not critical to your survival to begin with, until you are used to communing with your Higher Self and comfortable acting from your heart.

How do you know it’s your Higher Self communicating with you and not some disembodied spirit or ET? Your Higher Self will never seek to control you in any way. Your Higher Self receives no benefit from what you do. Your Higher Self does not require or need your worship. Your Higher Self will not take advantage of low self esteem by boosting your ego or lavishing praise. Your Higher Self will not take care of things for you. Your Higher Self wills not! Your Higher Self guides you toward opportunities and options for you to act on. Your self esteem and confidence increases when you make your own choices. You will know what to act on when your heart resonates with the option you are considering.

Here is something for you to practice on. Click here IF YOU ARE SO GUIDED!