BANTUL, – The phenomenon of circles, mysterious circle formed in the rice fields, re-discovered in the Yogyakarta area. are first found in the Berbah, Sleman, Sunday (1/23/2011), and the second in Piyungan, Bantul, Tuesday (1/25/2011) today.

Bantul. rice fields along the highway Piyungan-Prambanan, exactly Hamlet Wanujoyo Kidul, Desa Srimartani, Piyungan District, Bantul. Residents reported finding approximately at 13.00 even though the land owners actually already know the peculiarity of it since 10 days ago.

The size of the second crop circle is smaller than the first, only about 30-40 meter. The pattern is not clearly known, but is thought to differ from the first crop circle.

Not yet known who made it. So far, the crop circle phenomenon is often associated with a UFO (Unidentified flying objects) and alien. However, others argue, it is due to natural phenomena or even deliberately made human.