As I have stated before, I believe during December 2010 there was a number of opportunities to “download” programing codes. The past two weeks of January 2011 was an opportunity to integrate or install these codes into your DNA or operating mechanics. Now with the January 2011 full moon looming, you  have the opportunity to start using these new programs in your life. The wand pictured above and in the website page header can help you to do this. It represents an catalyst (or possibly a “philosophers ”) for you to actualize or function at a new frequency level relative to your newly activated DNA. Another way to think of it, is like the keys on your , that you would press, or the Icon you would , to activate a program.

One way to “click the icon” as it were, is to view the image of this wand with slightly unfocused eyes. Allow yourself to perceive the energy of the wand (the image is light after all and light carries information) and notice how it is effecting your own . Depending on how you most easily experience , you may kinestheticly feel it, or you may visually see it, or you may hear it, etc.. If you see images start to appear and they begin to play like a movie, just allow the process to happen. If you hear a symphony of sound moving through you, allow it to proceed to completion, etc..

For those of you who are having some challenge interacting with this “key” because you are inexperienced in experiencing or working with subtle energies, try the following: (you experienced folks might also enjoy this) Look at the different aspects of the wand to get yourself visually familiarized with some of it’s details, such as the different stones and wire designs and how they relate to each other. Then imagine yourself holding the wand and inserting the dark flattened base (the stone is moldavite)  into your heart. (If you are familiar with your sacred heart space, insert it there.) Notice what experience you are having. Look at the area around the wand (its auric field so to speak) and take note of what you are experiencing. As before, allow any ensuing “production” to proceed to completion. Remember to  breath deeply and steadily through any of these processes you choose to partake in. Like with any practice, your experience will evolve as you repeat it.

Some of the old paradigm programing on this planet may have involved the deactivating of some of your DNA, which could prevent you being able to easily assimilate the new downloads, or easily using the energetic processes that I have provided in this post. In that case, you may require a personal DNA activation adjustment. Think of it like a chiropractic adjustment except that it is applied to your DNA using frequency adjustments. You may contact me if you choose to discuss this further.