Hi Friends,

                   My guest will be John Davis who is a , and Healer, who has a mission to unite as many meditation practitioners as possible in a focused meditation to heal the Earth. He believes that what is known as the Maharishi Effect – when people of a like mind meditate, is powerful and results in a state of well being and healing. His website is http://www.johnofpeniel.com

To listen live to BBS Internet Radio- copy the following link:   http://www.bbsradio.com and paste into your Internet Search Window. L/ on "How to Listen" in the left hand column – L/ on button for "BBS Station 1" at the very top of the page. Scroll down to and L/ on your "Players Icon" . If you do not know which you have, try "Real " and click on "Open File". You will then be able to listen live to the program playing at that time.