I’m going to introduce you to a lovely tool to assist you in connecting with your intuition, your own inner knowing.  This process is wonderful for helping you to get a yes or no answer for decisions you need to make every day in life.  Here are just a few ways you can use this technique:

  • To see if it is in your highest good to pursue a relationship
  • To see if it is in your highest good to make a certain purchase
  • To see if a certain or supplement is for your highest good
  • To see if a certain healer, psychic, doctor, or other professional is the right one for you
  • To see if the timing is right for something in your life
  • To see if it is for your highest good to go to a particular workshop or to begin a new area of study

and much more.  I think you get the picture.

Now, as you are aware, each of us has a higher aspect of ourselves that knows everything about us past, present, and future.  This aspect goes by many names—Higher Self, Soul, our God essence, etc.  And more non-spiritual names include our intuition or our gut feeling.  By whatever name you call it, this part of you knows without a doubt which of your next steps will be for your highest good.

Unfortunately, in our world, we are not taught how to listen to and honor this amazing, infinitely wise part of ourselves.  So, I offer you the following technique as an introduction to working with your own inner knowing.

First, I would like for you to find a comfortable place to sit—on a , your bed, on the floor, wherever you will be comfortable.  Sit up straight with your shoulders back, your chin at 90 degrees, your eyes closed, and make sure that you are not leaning against the back of a or against pillows.  You should not have anything touching your back, which will give your body room to move.

Next, think about a question you have.  It can be anything; is it for my highest good to read this book, date this man, buy this car, get my hair cut short.  Think about a question that you most want a yes or no answer to right now.  Decide what it is you wish to ask and then let it go.  Put the question aside.

Now, take a few deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Breathe slowly, deeply, evenly.  As you breathe, empty your mind as much as you possibly can.  Just concentrate on your breath and on how solid and comfortable you feel in the moment.  Just breathe–in and out, in and out.

You are relaxed and comfortable.

From this place of relaxation, think again about your question.  State it in this way

“Is it for my highest good (and then fill in the blank).”

Hold the question, the man or woman, the new car, the book, the food or supplement, whatever it is, hold it out in front of you energetically.  With your eyes closed see it or sense it.  Ask again, “Is it for my highest good (fill in the blank).”

Now, don’t think about an answer or about the pros and cons of it, just hold it out in front of you energetically and listen to your body.  Your experience will be unique to you but here are a few possible sensations you may experience:

For a yes,

  • Your upper body may move forward toward what it is you are questioning
  • You may feel a lightness or rightness
  • Your body may not move, but you feel as though you are moving toward it
  • You may experience an easing or a releasing of tension in your body.

For a no,

  • You may feel your upper body move away from what it is you are questioning
  • You may feel a heaviness or a distaste for the thing or person
  • Your upper body may not move, but you feel as though you are moving away from it
  • You may experience a tightening, a tensing, or an anxiety in your body.

Just really take the time to be aware of your body and what it is trying to tell you.  If you and your body remain neutral, then it may not matter one way or the other about the thing or person.  Or you may need to rephrase the question.  Remember to keep it open for a yes or no response.

After you have received your answer, you can ask other questions, or if you are finished for now, than your Spirit, your Higher Self for the assistance and let this part of you know that you appreciate and trust its advice and you will be asking more questions in the future.

I hope you enjoy this communication with your intuition, your Sprit, and that you remember to ask this all-knowing part of yourself whenever you have a question about your life.

Many blessings to you on this wonderful journey called life.



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