Okay! In the last week we have had two big floods, a poignant suicide, a mass murder, small earthquakes, record cold, snow, etc. Where is your focus? The planet and all its inhabitants are transforming. Frequencies and programing are shifting. This means adjustment to the new conditions is occurring. Are you getting lost in the fear and negative related to these situations, or are you celebrating the birth of your ?

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have compassion for what some people are experiencing. I’m not saying not to share love energetically with these people and situations, if that is what you are lead to do through love, not fear. If you have so far escaped personally having to deal with catastrophic circumstances, it is because you have not attracted these situations into your life. What you have attracted is experiencing the reports of these incidents. All experience has a purpose. Ultimately it is to gain skill in reacting either with fear or love. You already learned the results in reacting with fear, so you know the difference between that and love! Reacting with fear has, for some, become a habit that must now be dropped. In these times of change, all your experiences are being set up by your Higher Self so you become proficient in being present and acting from your heart in ALL situations. HOW ARE YOU DOING SO FAR?

The changes you see on the planet like earthquakes, floods, fighting, etc., have counterparts in your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual bodies. Are you reacting to your own changes through fear or love? If you are having challenges, ask your Higher Self to guide you to the appropriate help. This help may be in the form of various energy processes you can access on your own. Sometimes you may require an outside “catalyst” to move things along more efficiently. If so, contact me. I’m proficient in the application of transformational energies. It is what I focus on.