Why should I consider myself a Warrior? This was a question posed by a friend as an invitation for general comment. Turning the question around, should anyone consider themselves a warrior, or a doctor, or a , or a light worker, or an incarnate of extraterrestrial origins, or even say an Intuitive Shamanic Wizard. No one should not.

Identifying with labels is often an attempt to establish some level of self worth. It may be a stepping stone to self love, but too often it becomes a trap from which it is difficult to find release. Most of the time, I imagine our desire to identify as a “doer of something special” has more to do with the wish that other people see us that way, rather than we see ourselves that way. Now we are really traveling a slippery slope to self worth. Unfortunately, we have been living in a where identity is or based. From the moment we are born, the focus is on what we are and what we do, rather than on who we are. More precisely the focus is on what others think about what we are and what we do, rather than on who we are.

Why has this been the case? Because, our has been based on the intellect or ego, rather than the . The intellect can only operate relative to doing. It can’t comprehend the reality of a state of being. State of being can only be understood through the heart. We are, after all not Doings. We are Beings. We are pure consciousness expressing itself as an accretion (this is a great word…look it up) of time and mass. It is our consciousness that has lasting value or worth. The ego only identifies with the time/mass accretion, but is essential in the functioning of it. The heart knows this as well as being able to know being.

Fortunately, we are transitioning into a new heart based paradigm. Yeah!! This is causing a whole lot of chaos for folks who no longer identify with what they were, or thought they were, and are looking for a new identity. BOO!! This is what waking up is!! Welcome to the transition.  OH HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN! When things seem real confusing, please remember to remember your heart. When you go into resonance with your heart, your world comes into balance, and your experience unfolds with grace. Until the next step in your transformation. Then you just need to remember to find you hearts resonance at your next level. What could be more fun?

If you need extra assistance embracing your hearts resonance, I can help you. They don’t identify with me as an Intuitive Shamanic Wizard for nothing.