It is coming to my attention that with the transition you will need to learn relative to how to interact with respect to new situations you might find yourself in. Such occurrences may include by various beings from different densities or dimensions, ET psychically or in the physical, or people you encounter as you dance through  life. In every case, there is one way to maintain your personal power and possibly the survival of your current body. (Since your essence, or soul, or essential vibration, or whatever you choose to call it never dies, you just need to know if you choose to maintain your current 3d vessel.)

You must touch in with your own space, and be cognizant (recognize) of your resonance. Once you are tracking your own resonance, you can focus on (achieve a quantum mechanical entanglement for you intellectuals) the energetic “signature” of the being, or object, or thought pattern, and evaluate (feel) if your resonates with , or is compatible with it. If not, withdraw or break your with that immediately. Retreat to your space and ask your how to proceed.

If you don’t know how to be in your , go back and read all my posts from the beginning. You will experience many ways to embrace this consciousness shift. If you still need assistance after that, check out Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book “Living In the Heart” which includes instructions and a DVD for getting into your . You can get all the about Drunvalo, living in the heart, and other useful concerning the shift at . If you like working with  devices to accomplish connection with your heart, go to .

If you rather experience connecting with your heart and creating a heart connection with someone live, schedule a session with me.