Doreen Virtue's Weekly Oracle Card Reading (Jan 12-23, 2011)


Metaphysician and Angel Therapy creator Doreen Virtue has released her intuitive prediction for January 17th-23rd, 2011. This week Doreen used the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins oracle deck.

“Change is in the air,&; said Virtue. “A lot of dream and hopes and aspirations are being put out there, so it’s time to consult with the magical mermaids and dolphins who, just like the underwater, help us with the unconscious beliefs and feelings that affect manifestations.&;

The first card drawn was the “Ready, Set, Go!” card. Corresponding to the beginning of the week, Virtue advised, “Do not wait or second guess any opportunities that come to you. Grab them, go for them with gusto.”

The second, mid-week card drawn was the “Tranquility” card. As she tuned into the card, Virtue said to take advantage of any free moments that the middle of the week may bring.

The card drawn for the end of the week was the “Make a Wish” card. With this card, Doreen Virtue encouraged everyone to “think outside the box and really be creative with your desires and what’s possible.”

She further stated that the common message from each card is to enjoy yourself in a week that looks to be intense, but enjoyable, especially for those who like adrenaline rushes.

“You’re going to get enough glimmers of hope and indications that your dreams are coming true to really help you to feel secure in yourself”, said Virtue. It’s a week of having the “Midas touch”.

Watch this week’s reading:

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