Doreen Virtue's Weekly Oracle Card Reading (Jan 24-30, 2011)


Metaphysician and Angel Therapy creator Doreen Virtue has released her intuitive prediction for January 24th-30th, 2011. This week Doreen used the Archangel deck.

The first card drawn was the “Gifts From God&; card. Using her , Virtue coupled the first card with the second card drawn, “Divine ”.

According to Virtue, the two cards tell us that it’s very important to understand that what we ask for and manifest comes to us in divine order, and that it’s not about deservedness, earning it, or being good enough, since every person is a being of love and light, and everyone who asks will have their needs are met.

Virtue reminds the audience to stay positive and “within the light” with our thinking to receive the gifts from God.

“Clairsentience” was the last card drawn, and in context with the first two, Virtue explained that the week will be a “feel good week”, but also stated that it’s important to be in state of gratitude to stay at a high level and out of the ego.

Virtue said that this week will bring things such as windfalls of money, new opportunities, and renewed relationships, and also encouraged everyone to enjoy the positive things that come.

Watch the reading: