As I have told you before, humanity’s task is to , to become fully conscious and fully aware &; in fact to return to its natural state of oneness with .  At this in time vast amounts of are enfolding your planet as many of you open your hearts to accept it, receive it, and channel it into your environment to assist and strengthen you all as you struggle to awaken from the nightmare in which you have immersed yourselves.  And your awakening is divinely assured.

The Love God has for His creation is far beyond understanding.  Those of you who have children know what it means to love, and if at any time any of those children’s lives have been seriously threatened, your experience of love has been so intense that you have felt that your heart could burst.  That experience only demonstrates for you that love has immense power, but it can give you no idea at all of the intensity of God’s Love for you or of yours for Him.  Even though you are almost completely unaware of it — because you have chosen to hide it from yourselves — it is the life force, the connective energy field that joins you eternally to your and to each other, for you are each eternally an inseparable and essential component of that divine field.  You can never be lost, discarded, or abandoned; you can only imagine that this could happen, and by your awakening that horrific imaginary possibility will be dispelled.

As you ponder on this , allow yourself to believe it.  Stop focusing on thoughts or sensations of your worthlessness, inadequacy, or unlovableness that come into your mind.  Just acknowledge their presence, remind yourself that they are completely invalid, and open yourself to receive and accept the Love that your Father is offering you in every moment.  Think of someone you are truly convinced is loved by God — your favorite saint or mystic, or someone you know or know of who demonstrates to you the loving Presence of God within them — and tell yourself that your Father loves you just as dearly because you know that He loves all His children with infinite tenderness, unconditionally, always.

Your thoughts to the contrary are merely ploys of the ego to distract you, unsettle you, and keep you contained within the illusion.  So just release them without judgment, for they are only harmless figments floating aimlessly in the illusion.  However, if you focus on them they can seem very real, and can act as an on you, leading to a sense of hopelessness or despair – more harmless figments! – so let them go.  If they don’t go it means that you are engaging in self-judgment and using them as evidence of your failings.  But you have no failings: you are perfect beings created that way by your perfect Father, and they are only harsh judgments of yourself that you can and will change.

Think of those you love, care for, admire, honor, and look up to.  You truly belong in that group!  Release your attitudes or beliefs in your own unworthiness, as these are just signs of egotistical false humility, focusing on itself for the satisfaction of being a miserable, helpless victim.  That is not who you are, for you are a perfect infinitely loved child of God, and nothing can change that — ever!

With so very much love, Saul.